Tidying up is often a chore, and when you have to drag a sleigh and clutter up with a wire a few meters, it’s even worse. It is for this reason that more and more households are relying on cordless vacuums. Their interest? Lighter, more manageable and quieter, they offer performance equivalent to traditional vacuum cleaners. To help you make your choice, our multi-award winning consumer portal has therefore decided to present you with a comparison table of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2020.

As the name suggests, a cordless vacuum cleaner- Dreame V11 is a household accessory that does not require a connection or a canister to operate. Equipped with a battery, it must still be charged every 90 mints, depending on its autonomy. More than enough time to have a good cleaning session.

Most cordless vacuums are in the form of stick vacuums with cyclonic systems. The principle of these devices is very simple. The air is sucked in with the detritus before being separated from the latter during the passage of the cyclone, often located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. Dust remains in the bin while the air is exhausted.

An ingenious and efficient system which tends to replace the traditional types of aspiration. Good to know, more and more models are also equipped with HEPA filters. These filters are extremely useful because they help purify the air while vacuuming.

How does a cordless vacuum cleaner work?

A cordless vacuum cleaner works like any vacuum cleaner. The only difference is that it has no connection and works with a battery. To use it, simply press the start button.

The rotating brushes on his head will then collect the detritus towards the suction tube. Air and dust pass through a siphon, cooling the engine in passing. The air is expelled while the dust remains in the storage bin provided for this purpose. Then just empty the bin, which is very simple.  you’re more into the power of a traditional vacuum, then you’ll find it hard to beat these ones from Spotless Vacuum.-

Advantages of cordless vacuum cleaner

  • Very good value for money. This is certainly one of the great strengths of cordless vacuum cleaners, as this opinion comes up many times in customer reviews. For those who want to clean up at the best price, this type of device is really the best solution.
  • A maximum maneuverability. The light weight and the absence of a sled allow each person, even the elderly, to do the housework effortlessly. A real plus according to the opinion of many users.
  • Easy to store. Whether you have to take it apart or put it on a base in the corner of your house, putting away a cordless vacuum cleaner is very simple and quick.
  • A silent device. Unlike most other vacuum cleaners, cordless models have the distinction of being relatively quiet. In any case, this is what most buyers note.
  • A large choice of brushes and accessories. In addition to the main suction head, manufacturers often offer several equally interesting accessories. Nozzles for under furniture, for the car or filters for air that allow optimal cleaning.
  • A self- sufficient for a cleaning session. Since the cordless vacuum cleaner works with a battery, you would think that users need to recharge their device quite often, but this is not the case. In most situations, a single charge is enough to clean the house.
  • An all-terrain household appliance. Cars, caravans, furniture, tables, hard floors, carpets, carpets, etc. The cordless vacuum cleaner is an all-terrain vacuum cleaner that allows users to clean up wherever they want.
  • The performance of satisfactory suction. Many users are pleasantly surprised by the suction power of wireless models.
  • The bin is easy to empty. Emptying your storage bin can be a problem as there may be contact with dust at this time.Fortunately, the manufacturers innovate and allow emptying everything in the trash can with a button on the handle of the device. A highly appreciated innovation.
  • The presence of HEPA filters. A true revolution for all allergy sufferers, HEPA filters make it possible to purify the air in a home and are often acclaimed by customers.