Lighting a bulb up while being 15-20 footsteps away is still a mystery and magical trick to a lot of the people. Not everybody is aware of what goes behind those walls, in those electric wirings. Whereas, these electrical switches can be of great help for you in terms of lighting things, they can also prove to be dangerous as well. Therefore, it is important to shed a little light on the basics of switch lighting so that any and every kind of mishap can be avoided to the utmost.

If you’re about to experiment something about lighting switch wiring, hold on for a minute. The below listed are the things you must know about switch lighting before you take any try.

How Does Light Switch Wiring Work?

When it comes to a lighting switch wiring, you need to know how it works. A light switch is wiring depends on whether the power comes in the switch box or the light box first. With the power that enters the switch box first, it is called power-through switches.

Two of the cables enter the switch box; the first one supplies the power whereas the other one goes to the fixture.The wires are interwoven, along with which black wire is connected to each switch terminal. The black wire from the terminal goes all through the switch and from there it travels exactly to the light. Flipping too much of the switch heckles with the flow of the electricity.

On the other hand, if the power reaches to the fixture before making its way to the switch, that type of wiring is called End-Line wiring. Unlike switch box wiring, in the end-line wiring system, there is only one cable involved. Flipping the switch multiple times will interrupt in the flow of the electricity.

Important Things That You Should Be Aware Of

Along with the knowledge of the other things, there are also some other important things that you should be aware of before taking any try on light switching wiring. They are listed below

  • If you’re thinking of replacing your switches, you should get the new switches with the same functions as the previous one.
  • Before interfering with any electrical stuff, you should know the power is never fully off unless it is disconnected directly from the circuit breaker.
  • Wires, when become hot in the light fixture, turns into a black color.
  • There are three type of wires attach to a switch box
  1. An incoming hot wire
  2. A return wire
  3. Grounding wire

In Conclusion,

As much as dazzling and enticing power can be, it contains its own cons too. Therefore, it is super important to be aware of even the little of the things related to it so that adversities and setback can be avoided to its fullest. So, if you’re about to take a start on light switch wiring, go through the above written things and avoid all the blows.