Your home’s exterior doors play significant roles like increasing your home’s aesthetics, providing security and energy efficiency, and promoting the first impression of your home. You cannot create a second first impression, so you must ensure your door’s style and color match your home correctly to get this right the first time.

There are many door types and styles and for many people, that makes it quite challenging to choose a new construction door for their home during a renovation project. As a starter, you should research the door types and materials available to ensure you make your purchase correctly. Consult an expert if you don’t know the best entry doors to fit your home’s architectural design. 

Prehung Entry Doors

Prehung doors are a common choice for homeowners. These exterior doors come with everything ready for installation. When buying, ensure you first measure your door opening to get the correct size of the prehung door. When you buy the door, it will come with jambs and hinges, and you can choose your preferred locks and doorknobs. 

These doors are available in home renovation and hardware stores, and you can get them in a variety of materials like fiberglass and wood. Also, ensure you get a qualified installer to install the door for you.

Doors With Slabs

Exterior doors with slabs are mostly bought by homeowners whose doors have unusual sizes or those that want custom-made doors. These doors are available in home renovations and hardware stores, and you have to buy jambs and hinges separately to complete your entry. If you buy this door, get a qualified installer to install it for you. Cutting the frames and installing the hinges needs expertise that you might not have. 

When cutting the door, ensure you have the right measurements of your existing space not to cut the door to a smaller size. Also, be careful not to cause damages on the door that might cause openings leading to drafts and less energy efficiency. 

Storm Doors

Storm doors are designed as an additional outer door to protect your entry door. These doors ensure the temperatures are maintained in the home, and the door is not affected by bad weather like strong storms. 

Storm doors are made to close automatically, but some have a mechanism that you can use to keep the door open if you need to. These entry doors also have a full or partial glass to allow light into the room and invite outside views. 

Storm doors are made with different materials. You can get them in wood, vinyl, and fiberglass, and various glass options. The doorways offer energy efficiency, and to increase energy efficiency, ensure you choose a material that is an insulator with double or triple glass. Energy efficiency keeps your energy bills low hence more savings.

Always Hire An Expert To Install Your Exterior Doors

Choosing the right entry door is one thing and installing it correctly is another story. To enjoy the full benefits of your front door, always hire the best installer to install it.