Having a clogged drain is a problem that every household will experience at some point. However, you cannot deny the stress that a clogged pipe can cause you, so the best thing to do is be mindful of your actions. Fortunately, it is a common issue that is easy to solve and also, easy to avoid. Here are some tips that you should start doing from now on to never have that drainage dilemma ever again.

1. Be mindful of what’s going down the drain

Kitchen drains

Coffee grounds is one of the most often causes of a clogged kitchen sink, along with other biodegradable waste that we cannot seem to avoid letting go down the drain. If you want this drain dilemma to stop, this bad habit of yours also has to stop. You can designate bins where you can throw in your food waste. You should also purchase strainers for your sink. This is a better way to stop those smaller waste particles from falling straight down.

Shower drains

If the kitchen has coffee grounds, then the shower has mounds of hair that sometimes you do not where they came from. Soap scums are a common problem, too. If you still don’t have a drain stopper, then I suggest you install one because it will make the job easier for you. It can collect the hair and prevent them from going into the drain. All you have to do is pick them up once the stopper got full and throw them in the trash.

Toilet drains

A clogged toilet is the most stressful one because it’s the most disgusting to confront but the way to avoid it is just common knowledge. Avoid flushing down foreign objects like tissues and napkins. Even though other toilets claim that you could flush down tissue papers, I think it still better to be safe than sorry.

2. Clean your drains regularly

Conduct regular general cleaning of all your drains. To avoid too much build-up, a weekly clean-up is recommended. Pull those stoppers and rinse them from all of the hair and particles that have accumulated. For a quick rinse, pour down hot water on all of your drains including those on the bathroom floor and bathtub. If you want to be sure that everything is clean, you can do this with the kitchen sink every night since it’s the most used. Cleaning with a bacterial drain cleaner once a month is also a good way to maintain your drains.

3. Have your plumbing inspected

What want to avoid is for a small problem like a clogged and unmaintained drain to cause bigger and more severe issues. Poor drainage can cause leaks all over the pipes which, in turn, may result in flooding and can damage your property. Fixing this can really cost a fortune. For you to prevent this from happening, regular plumbing inspection and availing professional drain cleaning service every year is recommended. As always, prevention is better than cure or in this case, spending thousands of dollars to fix a huge problem caused by hair in the drain.