As we live in this era with various technological advancements, we find ourselves surrounded by the most recent inventions at every turn. Among these is the significant upgrade of reading weather variables. Because we use wi-fi in every aspect of our daily activities, more devices are being invented to make our lives much easier. WiFi thermometer is a device that allows real-time measurement of the temperature of the environment where you palace it, let the users read temperature long distance without the need of being physically present in the area. This technology enables you to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity via the internet connection, anytime, anywhere. 

The device is a great advantage if there is a need to closely keep track of the temperature and humidity of your properties and possessions to keep them from getting damaged. The temperature is also a factor that affects your health. For instance, people who have asthma are mostly affected by the dampness of the air. Technology comes to the rescue! With this being said, this writing will get into the details about the Wi-Fi thermometer. If you are planning to purchase one, then you have landed on the right page!

How Does It Work?

WiFi thermometers have the same mechanism of measuring temperatures as conventional thermometers do. The difference is that the system is set up to transmit data via a wireless connection so you can check the temperature online. Different brands have specific applications that you need to download. These applications typically support both Android and iOS. However, some devices require a separate Wi-fi gateway. The tech expert from recommended checking out the relevant buying guide to ensure you can get the best out of your money. Getting the right Wi-Fi thermometer for your home makes your life easier. It’s just reasonable to purchase the tested units in the market. 

Where to Use Wi-fi Thermometer?

Having access and the ability to monitor the temperature wherever you are would give you several benefits. Wherever you live, if it’s a house, cabin, boat, RV, your Wi-fi thermometer will let you know if it’s uncontrollably cold or warm. If you are wondering where you can place this amazing device, you can refer below. 

  • Your Home

Comfortable living in your home comes with the right temperature for your wellbeing and physical health. The World Health Organization noted that the excellent home temperature is between 18 degrees to 22 degrees celsius. The adult and children’s bedrooms should be in the lower-end. Your kitchen should be somewhere in the middle, and the bathroom would be in upper-end temperatures. Remember that these are just the suggested temperatures and it would still depend on what degrees you are comfortable in. 

  • Garden

Maintaining a controlled temperature is crucial for plants. Fluctuating temperatures can greatly affect a plant’s yield and health. If it gets too hot, it can cause dry soil and increase water usage. 

On the other hand, root systems can be severely damaged by extreme cold. Monitoring the temperature can save your yield and protect your valuable plants from frost. If you are maintaining a greenhouse, you know the importance of placing a sensor at each end and the middle area. 

  • Monitor temperature of your storage, office, industrial

Wi-Fi thermometer can monitor many locations, including the garage, your office, and other industrial location. Having access to temperature data wherever you are is undeniably helpful for your business, especially if you have a separate storage area that is a few kilometers away from home. You can get alerts if the temperature gets heat up or freeze, and damage your products. Remote temperature monitoring can help you prevent costly loss and damage to your business. 

Temperature Monitoring and Historical Data

An excellent device should be able to record and log temperature in case the wifi signal gets lost, or even in a remote location. The recorded data can be uploaded once the connection is restored. The data that you can view from your application is not just real-time but also historical too. From the mobile app, you can access graphs of temperature and humidity. This can help you locate the potential problem of the area you are monitoring. 

Other Benefits

Whether you are at work, on vacation, or traveling, remote temperature monitoring of your home brings you peace of mind. Aside from that, this is also a great way to save money. Heating your house means a waste of energy and money for your electric bills. The same goes for turning on the air conditioner too much longer than it should be. Too cold houses may lead to air dampness, mold, and respiratory illnesses that could be dangerous for your family members.

Based on several studies, having an optimal temperature of around 18 degrees Celcius, you are helping your body to have quality sleep. A bedroom with too high temperatures may give you restlessness. The lowers ones will make your body know that it’s time to rest and get some sleep.

Remote temperature monitoring is also favorable for your pets, knowing that they can avoid hyperthermia or even frostbite. If you have a dog, depending on its breed, they have different needs with the level of temperatures. For instance, a Beagle can survive the heat but not the Siberian Husky. As for reptiles, such as lizards and, snakes have their unique heating demand. You can install a separate heater for them instead of adjusting the temperature of the entire house. Monitoring the temperature of your pets’ environment would also give you peace of mind during workdays.

The Wi-fi thermometers are excellent innovations of the conventional type of thermometer. It is not just a typical device that you should have because it is among those trending technological inventions. They offer unique features that make our lives easier in many ways. There is still a long list of benefits that are not included in this article, but one thing is for sure, whatever specifications you choose to get, these will surely serve the best purpose.