2020 was a hell of a year for everyone. Some days felt dynamic. As if we could accomplish a lot of things throughout the day. Other times, it was waking up idly past noon. Regardless, all that time spent in our houses should have made you realize one particular thing. It’s easier to be productive in a cleaner, tidier home. 

So with this year’s resolution, why not include regularly cleaned houses on that list? Just be sure you make an effort to achieve that resolution. Not to worry, here are some ideas that can help you maintain a relatively neat home. 

One-Day Cleaning Schedule

New year, new habits, right? How about new schedules then? Whatever your preferred cleaning schedules are, you certainly have to try changing them from time to time. Try experimenting with what works with your work and personal deadlines. 

Dedicate one day solely to household cleaning. You will find that it’s more enjoyable to move around in a tidier home all at once, rather than looking at one clean area at a time. It is also more efficient to have everything cleaned in one go rather than cutting and prolonging your list of chores for the week. 

Go over your Spring cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on any parts of your house. There is less anxiety for you and your family about house cleaning when you have a fixed schedule to deal with the chore. Worry less with an allotted day for cleaning and enjoy the rest of the week in your clutter-free, relatively spotless home.

Decluttering Your House

We all have to say goodbye at one point. Time to bid farewell to all that kitchen, living room, and bedroom clutter you have been trying so hard to keep all these years. Besides, as they say, less is more. Learning to let go of your unneeded haul means fewer things to clean up

Once you have sorted which ones to keep and which ones you no longer need, it’s easier to focus on what truly matters. Start by emptying your closet and organizing back only clothes that you still use. Shirts or shoes that no longer fit you or suit your style can go in another box. Do this in your kitchen and living as well.

Your “clutter” box can now go to three places: donation drives, online selling, or the dump. Categorize your clutter items and decide which one can go where. Of course, if some of your things are in moral condition, you can make some money out of them by selling them online or through a friend. Congratulations! You have just freed yourself some extra space. 

Brush It Off!

Now that you have gotten the relatively easier part out of the way, it’s time to move on to cleaning all that accumulated muck! If you have been using rags and sponges to clean bathroom tiles and toilets, you need to take a step back and learn a thing or two about brushes. 

Cleaning brushes are a more efficient tool to get your cruddy tiles back to their spotless condition. They come in multiple shapes and sizes. What’s more, is that their bristles can dislodge dirt even from hard-to-reach areas. You can also check out power drill brush attachments to modify your cleaning tools. Work smarter when it comes to your home improvements this 2021.

Disinfectant Wipes

Using disinfectant wipes as rags to clean certain kitchen areas like the sink, counter, and other surfaces is a common mistake by most people. We are all guilty of lazily grabbing a random wipe or an unwashed rag to wipe off the grime of flat surfaces. But, because of obvious reasons, cleaning and disinfecting need attention now more than ever. 

Cleaning then disinfecting should be a practice for everyone. Not to mention, disinfectant wipes can be a lot of waste. Make sure you are using them for appropriate circumstances and only when necessary. 

Using Bleach

A lot of people are afraid to use bleach as a cleaning agent. Maybe it’s the probable health hazards that can easily affect you and your family once inhaled or ingested. Or perhaps accidental bleach stains that are an utter nuisance to restore.

However, it does present various cleaning benefits. You will find that using bleach to clean particular areas in your homes will make your jobs a lot easier. You can use bleach to get rid of that muck in between the tiles or surfaces that require excessive scrubbing. Let the bleach set in the tile or surface and leave for about an hour or two. You can also squeeze in some lemon juice or add baking powder to these surfaces to whiten them out. 

Bleach can also serve as a liquid disinfectant when diluted in water. Use it to disinfect wide surfaces like your bathroom floors or walls. Just be sure to leave your windows open when using bleach as inhalation may cause dizziness or respiration problems. Keep your bottles on your highest shelf or anywhere hidden away from your kids (assuming you have one). 

Get Cleaning!

2021 is a new beginning for all of us. Start the year right by letting go of your unwanted habits and develop newer, more efficient ones. Increase your productivity by planning and organizing your scheduled tasks. There are a lot of ways to go about this year. 

Whatever changes we might need to implement, we can all agree that the best place to begin is in our homes. Enter the year with a squeaky-clean household. Everyone knows that moving around in an organized environment boosts productivity and puts you in a better mood. After all, who would want a cluttered and grimy atmosphere?

Let’s turn this quarantine situation into something that can benefit us in many different ways. Focus on your habits and cleaning patterns. There are always new and exciting ways to improve our old practices. There’s no need to wait for next month or 2022. Every day is a perfect day to learn, grow, and progress.