It’s spring and if you are like many of us, you are scheduling projects that you want to accomplish during the season. One annual spring project that should be on your list is deep cleaning area rugs and carpet throughout your home.

Bliss Cleaning recommends professional carpet cleaning in Horsham at least once per year. But, are you aware that there are some situations when you should deep clean your carpets more regularly? Read on to learn more expert recommendations on when you should deep clean your area rugs and carpets.

Are There Children In The Home?

Are There Children In The Home
For a home with small children, it is recommended to deep clean your carpet at least twice per year. However, not for the reason, you might think. Yes, small children do cause more accidents and spills, but spot cleaning products can easily handle those daily issues. The main issue here is the exposure your children may have to dangerous things hiding in your carpet and area rugs. Little ones tend to play, picnic, build forts, or nap on carpets as they are warm and soft. According to the American Lung Association, however, children in the home are more likely to be exposed to pollutants found in carpets, such as lead, mold spores, dirt, dust, pesticides, etc. The reason being is that they’re likely to place their hands inside their mouths and they spend much time playing on the carpet.

Deep cleaning every six months is advised to remove these contaminants from the area rugs and carpet and reduce the likelihood of exposure. The best way to accomplish this is with professional carpet cleaning in Horsham.

Are Smokers In The Home?

Are Smokers In The Home
Are there smokers in the home who smoke indoors? If so, it is vital to deep clean your carpets every six months in a home with light to moderate smokers, and at least every three months in a home with heavy smokers. Numerous forms of particulate matter and gasses are contained in tobacco smoke, including many known to cause cancer. These hazardous gases could end up in your area rugs, carpet, upholstery as well as other soft surfaces in the home. Reported in a 2002 study, these harmful toxins can re-emit back into the air we breathe and rejoin to create a harmful compound. Not only is this dangerous for smokers but for non-smokers in the home as well. Professional deep cleaning removes these hazardous toxins and helps to prevent them from re-entering the home.

Do You Have Pets In The Home?

We recommend deep cleaning your area rugs and carpers at least once every six months if you have furry family members in the home. Area rugs and carpers do a wonderful job of trapping pet dander’s within their fibers. Initially, this can be terrific for air quality, vacuuming or simply walking on it can make these pet dander’s airborne again.

Pet dander’s are small flecks of skin shed by an animal with feathers or fur. Due to the microscopic size, it is easy for particles of pet dander to settle deep within your area rugs and carpets. In fact, urine, dried saliva, or dust from dried feces can also make its way deep inside your carpet fibers. Although, regular vacuuming can be helpful when on its own it is not enough since all the microscopic particles that are hiding deep beneath the surface are not removed. The only way to remove those particles and thoroughly wash your area rugs and carpet is a professional deep cleaning.

While deep cleaning is essential in a cleanliness standpoint, deep cleaning is doubly important for those who experience pet allergies. Even for those without pet allergies, there is a possibility your guests may suffer from them. As reported by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), in the United States, 3 in 10 people with allergies experience allergic reactions to dogs and cats. Cat allergies are two times more common than dog allergies. Respiratory symptoms worsen and reduce lung function in those with even slight pet allergies with a buildup of pet allergens. The greatest way to remove those pet allergens from your area rugs and carpets is too deep clean them every six months with a professional carpet cleaning in Horsham.

Call A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Call A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company
Only a professional carpet cleaning company has the equipment and tools required to effectively deep clean your carpet and area rugs. To learn more about when you should have your carpet, area rugs, upholstery, and mattresses deep cleaned, contact Bliss Cleaning. If it’s difficult to clean your carpet and rugs, try to use the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpet.