They are tiny and almost invisible, yet they can ruin your night’s sleep. Bed bugs infestation in your mattress is something you just shouldn’t tolerate. Though its not a deadly bug, however, it can cause some minor infections which have the potency to turn into serious health conditions.

Bed Bug – How to Identify?

Introducing A Bed Bug
A bed bug is a type of pest which fall under the category of insects. A bug’s body has the length of nearly 6 millimeters and approx. 3 millimeter wide. The body has 3 parts – a head, an abdomen and a thorax. They don’t have wings and are usually have an oval shape. The bug’s body has a brown color and these bugs get active at night. They target human bodies and feed on their blood. They also target pets & other animals. Being so small, they can hide easily in different spots. They are found commonly inside bed mattresses and wall cracks.

Why Are They Dangerous?

Why Are They Dangerous
If you are afraid of diseases and infections, these bugs won’t cause any of those immediately. They tend to live near warm bodies such as humans. They bite human bodies which may cause itchiness and irritations to the skin which might make you feel you uncomfortable and often result in skin rash. They itchiness prompts you to constant scratching. You can use some medicated ointment to make itchiness milder. Individuals with allergies can suffer from severe reactions.

They can even instigate breathing problems and severe skin rash. But the symptoms may vary from person to person, depending upon their allergic condition.

How To Get Rid Of The Bugs?

How To Get Rid Of These Bugs
Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. You can seek professional help and endure the use of chemical substances on your mattress. You can find useful and eco-friendly methods that will guarantee efficient and healthy ridding from the bugs. There are also some easy tips to follow to keep things under control at home:

Plug The Holes

These bugs prefer living in holes. These holes can be in furniture, walls, and floors. So, whenever you spot a hole anywhere, you should seal it permanently.

Inspect Your Furniture Regularly

It is critical to inspect the bed mattresses regularly. This way you will find out about the presence of bugs spots. Leaving the mattress in open under Bright sunshine can help rid it from the bugs. It’s an old school remedy and still hold good. Keeping a distance between your furniture and the walls will prevent any bug infestation and helps discover any new bug holes or infestation.

Keep Things Clean

Cleanliness is important in fighting bed bugs. Regular use of vacuum cleaner on the potential infested areas will help in removing the eggs. You can use this method on mattresses, furniture and flooring holes. You can make sure that your bedding items get enough sun exposure from time to time.