Air compressor finds its use in a number of applications. In a gas station compressed air is offered to inflate vehicle’s tire and in tire shops, it is used with air tool so as to remove the tires. An air compressor got a number of uses for maintenance and leisure at home or businesses. To accomplish different needs we need a different type of air compressor. When you look at the shop you can see that according to size as well as power supply and design these compressors vary.

At RxTooler we have the list of air compressor which rocks in the market this year. Now before we take a look on the list of best air compressor let’s see what are the things to be considered while choosing an air compressor.

Tips to consider while choosing air compressor-

Type of air compressor needed by you-

Type of air compressor needed by you
There are commonly two types of air compressor- piston and portable. The piston type is dependant on the functioning of the motor that promotes an air pressure while the depletion process. It means with an increase in usage the air pressure increases. It usually comes with the tank keeping it grounded at a fixed place as long as you make use of it. Whereas the portable types do not have tanks but it does the same function as the piston air compressor. They are portable and can be easily moved to another place.
So, if you know which type of air compressor is needed by you then you can make an easy choice.


A tank of piston air compressor needs heavy-duty maintenance. These are better for commercial jobs and not for menial work. The portable type offers continuous air pressure and minimum footprint which makes them best suited for light household uses and they require less maintenance.

Storage space-

One of the important things to consider is storage space. So, how much space do you have for storage? In the case of a short-lived task, it is better to get the air compressor with a small size tank. This will easily fit in your storage space. If you have a large storage space then you can get the air compressor with a large size tank.

Now, coming to Rxtooler’s pick for best air compressors and what are the good deals which you can get here.

Dewalt DWFP55130 heavy duty air compressor-

Dewalt DWFP55130 heavy duty air compressor
This model of Dewalt has priced in the medium range. The oil-free design makes it a suitable choice and motor draw 12 amp current. It has gentle startup system and it is not very noisy but quiet because it runs at 71.5 decibels.

The pump of DeWalt DWFP55130 air compressor runs on 90 PSI and it offers 3.0 SCFM on pairing with 2.5-gallon tank. The maximum pressure it offers is 200PSI. This air compressor can be carried easily anywhere as it has weight only 36 pounds. This air compressor will not occupy much space and is very thin. The yellow and black design of this compressor makes attractive.

Dewalt DWFP55126 pancake compressor-

There is also a DeWalt brand but this model is much cheaper than the first one. It is also light weighted air compressor and is portable. Easy start-up even in the cold environment is one of the features it provides. It is not much noisy with dBA level 75.5 and it is easy to maintain this air compressor. It can produce enough power and is provided with 2 universal couplers hence; more than one person can make use of it at the same time.

Porter cable PCFP02003 pancake compressor-

Porter cable PCFP02003 pancake compresso
This is a very light weighted air compressor which weighs about 26 lbs. The bulky shape of this air compressor makes it difficult to move it from one place to another. The pressure offered is quite low 135 PSI but since it has fast recovery time so it can be negated. This little machine has a motor of 120 V and the special thing about this air compressor is that it requires less to no maintenance. The pump is oil free and so you run for a long period without any problem.

Industrial Air contracker CTA5090412-

This air compressor can be the best choice if you are ready to spend a little more penny. This is a 4-gallon air compressor which is designed using patented technology. This increases the life of its pump and it will last longer than any other air compressor. The overall design is a pontoon style which makes it portable. In addition to this here you get 2 tanks which distribute the weight and it can be carried very easily from one place to other. It offers 155 PSI for heavy duty tasks. It requires low maintenance and operates very efficiently. Less noise is produced and so it is best for use.

Porter cable CMB15 oil free air compressor-

Porter cable CMB15 oil free air compressor
This is another best air compressor from brand porter cable. This is compact as well as cheaper as compared to other ones. The thing which is most attractive about this air compressor is its recovery time. AT 90 Psi its rating is 2.0 SCFM and it is guaranteed to run for long. Maximum PSI is 150 for this air compressor and the tank is of 1.5 gallons. It weighs 20lbs and it is light weighted hence can be carried from one place to another. The rubber feet of this compressor are another good feature which keeps it in place.

This list of air compressor by Rxtooler is very useful and now you can easily make choice of the air compressor. Make sure you don’t forget our tips to consider and for more information about air compressor you can look at the full list of the best air compressor. We have made this list to help you sort out your problem and get the product which falls under your budget and is eco-friendly. So, hurry up and get the best air compressor and get the work done be it small or big.