Bed bugs are the insects that invade the space occupied by an individual. It is not wrong to say that some bed bugs are friendly to the lawn, whereas generally bed bugs are harmful to agriculture, people, and their property. Bed bugs exist mostly in beds, mattresses, sheets, blankets, furniture, clothes, suitcases, luggage, cardboard boxes etc. Bed bugs cause harm to the skin of human beings in various cases. Bed bugs have a larger size as compared to ants and other small insects. Bed bugs don’t fly and have light brown moulted skin that is flat in shape. This article provides a general overview of why bed bugs are harmful.

How are bedbugs caused ?

The appearance of bed bugs is just like an apple seed. Bed bugs are caused by the unhygienic environment, but they can easily survive in a clean and healthy environment. Bed bugs can be easily found in each and every part of the world. They are mostly found in beds, blankets, cardboard, luggage, city halls, colleges and universities, police stations, and all other public places. An individual comes in contact with bed bugs when he/she is staying in a hotel or any other public place. It does not matter how clean the hotel or its ambience is, an individual should always be conscious and aware of bed bugs. Bed bugs can easily be found on public transportation like buses, auto rickshaws, trains, etc. Bed bugs’ food is blood, so they always hide near their source of food. If anyone is looking for bug pest control then bed bugs control in Singapore is the right place to visit.

Why bedbugs are harmful

Bed bugs are not harmful for each and every individual, but they can cause infection and allergic reaction to other individual. When bed bugs eats the individual, firstly it does not cause any harm and pain but later on it cause itching and allergic reaction to an individual. They cause red spots on the skin of the human being. Bed bugs cannot transmit any disease. Bed bugs not only cause physical problems but they also pose threat to the mental health. The major mental health disease caused to an individual by bed bugs are sleeping problems, anxiety, depression and irritation.  Bed bugs do not cause harm to property and other things of the house like termites do. The rationale behind this is that they need blood for survival and they are mostly found in the bed, bedsheets, mattress etc. Bed bugs can be easily managed by the appropriate pest control.


It is rightly said that bed bugs are not so harmful for an individual, but they do cause certain harm in other sense. The harm caused by bed bugs depend on the individual to individual. The biting of bed bugs can cause redness and itching to an individual. It also hampers the mental health of an individual by disturbing the sleep cycle etc. Bed bugs are blood eating insects and are located near their food source like cushions, bedsheet, luggage, blankets, cardboard etc.