We rely on our HVAC systems year-long, whether it is for cooling or heating. However, when the AC starts giving you problems, that’s when we understand how valuable this piece of equipment actually is. The most common complaint experts at Howell’s Heating & Air get regarding air conditioners is that air conditioners won’t turn off, even though their home is perfectly cool or warm.

If your air conditioner unit keeps running all day even though the temperature is perfect and will not shut off, you may have to consider replacing or servicing it. Here’s what you can try to do to fix this issue.

Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common, yet often most overlooked issues that may cause your air conditioner to work non-stop is a clogged air filter. Think of a clogged air filter as an obstruction that prevents your air conditioner from breathing as it affects the amount of air the air conditioner can suck in. 

Sometimes the air conditioner will run non-stop in an effort to provide the desired temperature because the obstruction is making it difficult to produce enough cool air from the warm, humid air in your home. Fortunately, this is easily fixed (and prevented) by replacing your air filters at least once every few months (or monthly in warmer climates).

Check The Thermostat

The main problem with an air conditioner that keeps running is that it keeps wasting both money and energy. The first thing you should do if you encounter this issue is to check your thermostat

The thermostat’s automatic settings should kick in as soon as your room reaches the desired temperature. In case it doesn’t, you should check if it was correctly set. If the thermostat determines the room needs more cool air, the air conditioner will keep working.

Make sure to set your thermostat a bit above the room temperature and see how your air conditioner responds. Ideally, this should prompt it to turn off. If it doesn’t, the problem likely isn’t the thermostat.

Clean The Condenser

The air conditioner works with the help of condenser coils inside them, used to disperse heat. However, if the coils are dirty they will not be efficient. When they are dirty and unable to function, the air conditioner will work harder to cool down your room and keep the desired temperature. Make sure to clean the condenser coil and see if this fixes the issue.

Use The Fan Limit Switch

Newer air conditioner units have a fan limit switch, located near the blower. This switch lets the fan run regardless of the settings. If the switch is on, the fan on the air conditioner will keep blowing regardless of the thermostat settings. Make sure you set this to auto instead of manual, so the fan will only run when necessary.

Schedule A Maintenance Appointment

If none of these fixes work, It’s probably time to call in an expert. The fact is that there could be several issues leading to your air conditioner malfunctioning, and you won’t be able to identify them without a professional.

In order to keep your air conditioner running smoothly for years, you should schedule routine maintenance to have the unit properly checked up and repaired so you can enjoy the comfort air conditioner units are designed to deliver.