Security of a property is the responsibility of the landlord. Moreover, the landlord should rekey or change the set of the lock and key between any two renters. Keep in mind; even though renters return you the original keys on leaving, there is no way to find out that they did not make any extras. Thus, changing the locks is the only way to ensure that the rental property is completely secure. That is why hiring a reliable locksmith in Fayetteville is essential for property owners with rental property.

In present times, landlords can also consider getting the installation of the smart key technology.

This would allow them to rekey within seconds by themselves. But, if you are still unsure, you can do the same by spending a moderate amount of price. Though rekeying is one of the important security aspects, it is not a legal requirement in most of the states. Renters can get the rekeying done by themselves for their security requirements but, then they should give one key to the landlord too.

Times when rekeying is necessary

Move out: It is important that renters hand over the same keys they were given by the landlords when they decide to move out. They should also tell if they made any copies. Even though the renters return all the keys or they just hand over the copies minus the original, it is important that rekeying is done.
Renters move out early and change the locks
Renters move out early and change the locks: In a hypothetical situation, when a renter pays the rent for the month and moves out early. In such a situation, if the renter has changed the locks, the landlord may have various options. In the first situation, the landlord can ask the tenant to change the lock.

However, if the renter does not give any response, it is imperative that the landlord waits till the need of the lease period on the property to call a locksmith Fayetteville. In certain other situations, the landlord can change a lock as long as they tell renter about the same and offer a copy of the key to the renter until the end of the lease period. In any case, if it is important to change the lock, make sure do it by following the state’s eviction procedures and never ever take a risk on this aspect.

When renter needs copies of the keys: When there is a need for the renters to get more copies of the keys, they should ask their landlord for the same. It is important that your lease does not forbid you from doing the same.

Loss of key: If a renter loses the keys, it is a perilous situation as the lost keys can be anyone’s hands. It is important that the renter informs the landlord of the situation and the landlord gets rekeying done immediately in order to ensure the safety and the security of the property. At such times, the landlord can charge the renter for the rekeying process.

The locks and keys are important for the security of the home. And it is important that landlords have access to a locksmith for rekeying of the locks in any of the relevant situations.

For hiring reliable and trustworthy locksmith Fayetteville, it is important that certain traits in the locksmith are considered.

Certified bonded and insured: It is important that you hire a local and well-established locksmith. Check that he is duly certified, licensed and bonded. The best companies of locksmiths also ensure that background checks have been made on locksmiths.

Professional look: A trustworthy locksmith always wears a uniform and would arrive at your location in a branded vehicle. They would present their identification card prior to starting working on your property.
High quality and latest product
High quality and latest product: The products offered by professional locksmith are of the highest quality and these have a warranty of at least 5 years on them. They also have a wide range of applications for lock and key which includes the safes which are suitable for the home. You can expect to get from them completely secure locks, patented key duplication for large selection of safes and special angels cuts for the keys.

Emergency and mobile services: There are certain situations when an immediate service of a locksmith is needed. Top Atlanta Locksmith understands this requirement; thus, is well prepared to attend to emergency needs for rekeying and lock repairs, especially when there had been a compromise on the lock systems of your rental property. Services offering mobile service would immediately dispatch technicians, especially when there are lockout emergencies. They would also be following the norms stated for a safe and secure emergency lockout and rekeying service.

Affordable solutions: A good locksmith is going to offer much more than new locks. They would be able to change the existing lock systems by offering rekeying services. It means they would change the pins and the cylinder inside the lock. Thus, only the new keys are now operable in the house giving you complete peace of mind on the security of your rental property.

By looking for a reliable and well-rated locksmith, you would be able to find a trustworthy locksmith Fayetteville for complete security of your property.