As a homeowner, you want to spend the least time cleaning and repairing your home’s exterior. That is why you want a long-lasting siding option that is easy to maintain. This is where hardie board installation comes in. This siding material is recommended to protect your home without compromising curb appeal.

Aside from its durability and beauty, it is very easy to care for. All you need is to rinse it with a garden hose at least twice a year and a quick check-up every few years to last up to 50 years, with a 30-year warranty. When a siding material is built with strength, it can withstand snow, high winds, ice, and severe weather. James Hardie siding delivers long-term durability because it is made from a blended mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, making home upkeep a breeze for decades and resisting pests, fading, wood rot, fire, and so on much more.

Why Is James Hardie Siding So Low-Maintenance?

Stand Up Against Weather

James Hardie siding will stand up hail and debris from the strongest storms and extreme temperature changes. To keep your home’s exterior safe from extreme weather, consider Hardie Board Installation

Doesn’t add fuel to the fire

Fiber cement resists combustion and does not allow flames to spread, and lessens the smoke once your home catches fire. Unlike other materials such as wood and vinyl, it is more likely to burn and melt in a fire. James Hardie has the highest fire rating available (Class A).

Evades Moisture Damage

Having excessive moisture is a frequent problem for homeowners. Water damage causes cracks and swelling that lead to costly damage to your siding. You don’t have to worry about having wood rot, mildew, mold, and other moisture intrusion-related problems. James Hardie fiber cement resists moisture penetration, so it can save you from costly siding repairs.

Repels Woodpeckers

The wooden exterior is appealing to insects and attracts woodpeckers. Woodpeckers scavenge food in the wooden exterior of homes and seek shelters, causing expensive damage. Professional siding contractors can install durable and impenetrable James Hardie siding to prevent woodpeckers from making a shelter out of your sidings.

Has Long-Lasting ColorPlus® Technology

Get a low-maintenance and lasting curb appeal with James Hardie siding installation. It has color-plus technology that resists the sun’s UV rays to prevent color fading in your siding.