A bidet is a standard part of bathrooms worldwide. Still, it is interesting to note the lack of popularity of this toilet alternative. This lack of popularity is surprising when you consider the great wealth of advantages over standard toilets. A toilet is still very much a taboo topic. The lack of awareness about the benefits of using bidets probably stems from this fact. No one is willing enough to talk and listen and reason to realize its advantages. However, once you overcome using toilet paper and are a little bit funny to use a bidet, it is an excellent idea for bathrooms.

At first, a bidet might seem like an unconventional idea. Still, most people who have tried this bathroom appliance love it and won’t settle for anything else. It is indeed embarrassing to talk about toilet habits in person. But, the written word offers an approachable medium to talk about the topic. All people should consider installing a bidet in their bathroom for the following reasons:

It Offers Better Cleanliness And Personal Hygiene

When you are using dry toilet papers after using the bathroom, you will still have some residue of your stool on your skin. As the experts at BidetsPlus.com point out, this is highly unhygienic and can lead to illnesses. Bidets instead use water, which ensures that your skin remains clean. You feel healthy and refreshed without any physical and psychological residue. This has made this appliance highly popular all across the world. 90% of South Americans use it, 60% of all Japanese homes are equipped with a bidet. They are also a standard part of European and Asian bathrooms. The US is perhaps one of the few countries which lack bidets in home bathrooms.

While talking about a bidet, it is essential to note that all models are different from each other, and each offers its own set of features. Some bidet models come with a seat warming feature while others provide clean and soothing warm water. You can also find bidet models with optional dry air feature, which you can use once the rinsing is done. The dry paper is not as clean as water and leaves a residue, and might cause skin irritation.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Each average American accounts for about 57 toilet paper sheets daily, which account for the three million tons of such paper being consumed by Americans every year. Fifty-four million trees are cut down each year to meet just the US annual toilet paper needs. This makes it necessary to cut down 50% of that number even if all the other toilet papers are sourced from forests. The manufacturing process of toilet paper further consumes enormous amounts of water too. It takes 3.7 gallons of water to create the 57 toilet paper sheets the average American uses daily.

Bidets can be a great eco-friendly option in such a situation. It serves to conserve paper, but it cuts down on cutting trees and the consumption of water. Other benefits it offers include environmental benefits of less packaging and transportation. Further, the bleaching process needed to create toilet paper is outright harmful for the planet and its inhabitants. All this makes toilet paper a highly expensive option in environmental terms—bleaching results in carcinogenic or cancer-causing byproducts.

It Is Economical And Reduces Household Waste

You can save not only the environment by using a bidet but a fair amount of money too. The physical necessity of bathrooms calls for significant daily use of toilet paper. Bidets help to keep this at a bare minimum. Not only that, but you also reduce the amount of waste produced by your household. The diminished amounts of toilet paper again come with the advantage of having to dispense with less packaging.

It Is Comfortable And Skin-Friendly

If you use dry toilet paper each time you visit the bathroom, it can be hard on your skin. Toilet papers are not exactly the most comforting of everyday products and tend to irritate the skin. Its bidet substitute, warm water, is, in contrast, soothing and helps you stay clean and comfortable.

Several rectal and anal health issues make the use of toilet paper a painful exercise. Examples of such health conditions are anal fissures, hemorrhoids, prolapses, and other conditions that affect this body part. Under such circumstances, a bidet is a healthier and more comfortable choice.

Further, bidets let you control the intensity and temperature of the water stream you use to clean yourself after using the bathroom. You can also determine the water stream direction, which soothes the rectum and does not aggravate health issues through pressure or rubbing. Dry-air bidets too are useful for this as it doesn’t cause skin irritation. Many Americans suffer from anal itching, which in most cases, is caused by residues left on the skin by toilet paper. Many Americans get relief from such itching by using a bidet. It is similarly helpful for kids, the elderly, and people with disabilities as the wiping process is left out of bathroom chores.

It Cuts Down On Plumbing Issues And Clogs

Another great thing about bidets is that it serves to cut down on home plumbing issues besides reducing sewer clogs. By using a bidet, you reduce toilet paper use to 75. You can reduce this use to 100% when you use a bidet that comes with the dry air feature. This reduction in toilet paper use ensures a significantly less amount of waste that passes through sewer lines creating clogs. Plumbing is something that often proves to be costly and is usually a significant hassle and headache. You can reduce or even eliminate such issues by using a bidet.

It would be unwise to ignore the many benefits and advantages you get by installing a bidet in your bathroom. Bidets are likely to make toilet paper outdated, with its increasing popularity all over the world. America is well known for its neat and clean nature, and it is somewhat astonishing to see that this is not followed in the bathrooms. It will be better to shun the outdated practice of using toilet paper and install a bidet instead. The time and money are worth it due to the significant advantages of a bidet.