As winter sets in, it is time to get your living space ready for the season. Special attention is needed for the exteriors such as the lawn and patio. And there is all the more work if you have a residential tennis court. You would want to winterize it for making sure that it looks good and is ready for play when the season is over. Preventive maintenance is the key, while there are some other things you must do before closing down the place for the winter. Here are the maintenance basics that you must stick to for the season.

Start by removing the nets

Start by removing the nets

Before getting on with the cleaning and seasonal maintenance work, you should remove the nets from the court. Inspect them to detect any damage; if there are any signs, invest in repair if possible. It would be a good idea to dispose of them if they are damaged beyond repair. For the sake of aesthetics, you should buy new ones in the next season, rather than make efforts to store them. Clean the nets and store them in a dry place. Make sure that rodents cannot access the area.

Remove the windscreens as well

Before closing the tennis court for the season, you need to remove the windscreen as well. If they are left in place, there is a risk of strong winds causing structural damage to them. This step is important because you would not want to spend a lot on making the area play-worthy as the summer season arrives.

Do a thorough cleanup

Organic debris such as leaves, soil and weeds can cause extensive damage to the play area. Together with waste materials like rocks, paper and plastic, they can trap moisture which can cause damage to the color coating. A thorough cleanup is essential to winterize the place.

Rather than trying to handle it on your own, you can check to get professional services for the pre-winter cleaning and maintenance. Professionals are best suited for the job because they have the right skills, experience and tools to clean the tennis courts without damaging the surface.

Remove the stains

Remove the stains

If you notice any stains on the court’s surface, now is the time to get rid of them. Once again, a professional cleaning and maintenance service is best equipped to handle the task. Besides scrubbing away the stains, they make sure that there is no mold or moss on the surface. Getting rid of them is vital to keep the residential tennis court in a good condition through seasonal change.

Remove cracks and puddles

Removal of cracks and puddles is another significant aspect of winter care routine for your tennis court. If you leave them there, water from rain and melted snow can easily settle in and cause extensive damage to the surface. Moreover, they act like magnets to debris, dirt, and leaves. This is the last thing you would want to happen to your home tennis court area. A careful inspection of the court and removal of cracks and puddles can save the place and preserve its aesthetics as well.

Maintenance of your residential tennis court is best left to experts. They know the requirements of different types of surfaces and address them accordingly.