Most homeowners know that the materials they choose for their homes’ siding are a crucial decision. Since there are so many things to consider, it’s paramount that you’re as informed as possible before making your final decision. One common material choice for homeowners is wood siding. You can know the application of exterior siding and trim from the charwood.

This timeless classic can add elegance and sophistication to any home. You may want to start with materials such as rich, warm patina for your business establishment or home, but here are some things to keep in mind while considering wood siding:

  • It Is Economical Than Other Types Of Siding

Wood siding is a common choice for many households because it’s budget-friendly. Its durability, style, and low cost are some of the reasons why it’s preferred. You can find wood siding in homes in rural areas and urban centers across America, so it’s not a rural-area-based home element.

Wood siding is also a natural product that’s been used for centuries to protect homes, making it a great choice. It’s especially ideal if you live near bodies of water or areas where activities like power plants can affect your home. Besides, it’s budget-friendly, given that you can install it for a price between USD$7,000 to USD$12,500, depending on who you ask, the square foot you need to cover, and the wood type. This is cost-effective compared to the vinyl siding, which may cost between USD$11,100 to USD$16,400.

  • It Can Last As Long As 40 Years, And Beyond

When properly cared for, wood siding can last for more than 40 years, particularly ipe wood siding. It’s an investment that’ll provide beauty to your home, especially if you know how to maintain it.

You can expect a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment from wood siding if you give it the proper care and maintenance it needs throughout its life span. To help keep your investment in top condition, clean off dirt regularly so rainwater doesn’t seep between boards or under trim work. It’d be best to sweep it as it helps prevent rusting on nails that hold pieces together.

If you feel some parts are fading, you can coat the exposed areas with paint to match bright weather conditions or fades from the sun.

  • It Has A Stunning Appeal

Wood siding is a beautiful and natural choice for your home. Aside from the distinct exterior look, it can also keep the interior of your home cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. If you want your home to stand out on the street without you spending a lot while doing so, wood siding would be your best bet.

  • Consider Sanding Between Coats Of Paint Or Stain To Improve Adhesion And Appearance

Sanding between coats of paint or stain will improve adhesion and appearance. It’ll help ensure that the finish won’t peel off in the future. It also makes the surface smoother, letting you achieve a better-looking finish.

  • There Are Different Pattern And Styles Of Wood Siding

Wood siding comes in a variety of patterns and styles. The type of wood used, how it’s cut, and the method used to install it determine its appearance. For example, a board-and-batten finish will have the same pattern on both sides of the wall, but one side may be at an angle while another is at a right angle, thus, creating an alternating pattern.

You can also have horizontal boards with vertical battens, or vice versa. Different combinations can result in unique looks, and your choice should depend on your taste or style preferences. You may even decide to mix wood types to achieve a stunning mix.

  • It Has High Resistance To Impact Like Ice And Debris

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow, ice, and wind, wood siding is a good choice. It’s also a good option for areas that experience high winds that could be dangerous when it blows, throwing debris around. The effects of such weather disturbances won’t even be noticeable nor ruin the house’s beauty, unless, of course, after a long time of beating from the elements.

When the paints start to fade and there are gaps in the wood, you can also easily coat it again to restore its beauty. 

Furthermore, did you know that some types of wood also have high insect resistance, which can make your house bug-free.

  • You Need To Clean The Siding Of Your Home At Least Annually

Cleaning your home’s siding is part of regular maintenance and should be done at least once a year. You can accomplish this by rinsing the siding with warm water, removing dirt, and leaving it looking bright and shiny. You can also use pressure washing equipment to clean your home’s exterior walls if they’re particularly dirty or stained.

In addition to cleaning the siding on your home, you should pay attention to holes in the wood so that rainwater doesn’t fall into them and get trapped inside. This will cause more damage to the siding in the long term. Once such issues arise, consider replacing any damaged part of the wood as soon as possible so that consistent rainwater won’t continue to damage the siding further.

As a piece of advice, a pressure washer is the best tool for cleaning exterior wood surfaces. However, you should always test the pressure washer on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface. It’d help if you also were cautious not to use too much soap or detergent in your mix, as this can damage your siding. Make sure there are no leaves or debris stuck between boards, as these will cause streaks when blown onto wet stains or paint


Wood siding is an excellent choice for your home, but it’s essential to know that taking care of your newly installed wood siding isn’t as simple as letting it sit around. To protect it, avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals on the surface of the wood. Also, using abrasive cleaners regularly can damage the finish and cause premature wear and tear on your wooden exterior. You, therefore, need to consider a pressure washer as advised earlier.