There are so many options for front yard fencing today, from solid wood to other materials like vinyl. If you are on the fence about wood and want to choose something that is as durable and easy to maintain, vinyl could be the next best option for you. Read on to know why. 

Vinyl Front Yard Fence vs. Wood 

Wooden fencing is often made of up solid wood or composite wood material treated to withstand harsh outdoor weather. Wood tends to cost cheaper at $14-24 per linear foot. Even with additional costs like painting and weatherproofing you can still get a good wooden fence up and skirting your front yard for a couple hundred bucks. 

Vinyl fencing is made of PVC plastic resin reinforced to make it stronger, durable, and able to withstand harsh outdoor weather and weather extremes. Because it is made of plastic vinyl fencing can be manufactured to look like any other material. It is easy to find vinyl fencing that looks like real wood, for example. Vinyl fencing costs more than wood fencing upfront, however, at $20-34 per linear foot. However, vinyl fencing costs less to maintain over time, making it cheaper overall compared to wooden fencing. 

Why a Vinyl Fence Makes Sense

If cost and longevity are important considerations, it is wise to take a deeper look at vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing comes in various types of finishes so you can choose one that fits the exterior aesthetic of your home. Vinyl fencing may cost more upfront, but maintenance is virtually non-existent except for the occasional hosing down of your fence if it gets really dirty. Unlike wooden fences that tend to rot, warp, splinter or discolor over time, vinyl fencing is treated to withstand all exterior changes in appearance which means it eventually becomes less expensive than wooden fencing over a ten year period. 

Vinyl fencing provides the same amount of security and aesthetic benefits that wooden fences can. Vinyl fencing allows you to choose the best look for your fence and comes with very little maintenance compared to wooden fencing, perfect if you want sturdy and strong fencing that won’t burn a hole through your wallet.