If you have property – whether it is newly built from the ground up or you are planning to restore it – you are most likely thinking of the windows as well. First, the windows must be a good match for the rest of the property, and they need to have the right aesthetic appeal. There are plenty of different windows to choose from, but you may have heard of Crittall windows – and they stand out. They are a timeless and classic addition to any property and are still as popular today as when they were first introduced decades ago. Crittall windows are also referred to as windows in a steel frame – and though there are different variations available today, nothing comes close to the real thing. But why should you go for this kind of window? Here’s your best guide to Criitall windows: what they are, their benefits, and more. 

The history of Crittall windows 

The Crittall window was first developed by an ironmonger in Essex named Francis Henry Crittall in 1884, and they were first commercially manufactured in 1889 in the UK. Although there are many variations today, only the windows manufactured by Crittall Windows Ltd can be legally referred to as ‘Crittall.’ 

Is it suitable for all buildings?

One question foremost on the mind of those undergoing a building restoration or developing a new building is whether or not it would suit their property. In short, is it suitable? The short answer to this is yes. Even though the windows have long been associated with modern and art deco styles from the 1920s, plenty of buildings across the country have them, including the most notable of all – the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. But knowing all this – they are suitable for a host of different properties, be it townhouses or Victorian semi-attached buildings. They are also ideal for conservatories and other building extensions. 

Is it a practical choice?

Whilst there’s no denying that steel looks good – especially the windows made by specialists like Metwin.co.uk – another question remains: are they practical? The answer to this again is yes, because they already meet the standards for building efficiency and are double-glazed. But, of course, it’s still important to keep your windows clean, and you should pay particular attention to the frames and glass, making sure to wipe them down. You should also do a yearly check and ensure the pivots, stays, catches, handles, and hinges are lubricated to stay in good condition. 

What about rusting?

The most common issue faced by steel windows is the issue of rust. There are different techniques used for manufacturing them, but choose the option of galvanising the steel frame and applying a coat of powder made from polyester to protect your windows from rusting. The good news is that the steel windows you choose today don’t need to undergo repainting for at least 20 years. 

What about security?

Another concern brought forth by property owners is security and safety. Steel windows have been designed with multiple frames, which already serves as a barrier since it makes it more difficult to break through the glass. But most manufacturers also offer additional security with numerous bolts. Additionally, look for certification via Secured by Design – which means that your windows have passed tests and standards set by the police.