We all lead incredibly busy lives. A hectic mix of work, family, and the occasional social event. We’re so busy that when we finally have some elusive free time, the last thing we want is to spend that time doing home maintenance, thankless tasks and things we can put off for another few months…

Sadly, when we put off home maintenance, we’re more likely to run into much bigger problems down the line. Issues that could have been resolved within a couple of hours now will cost a huge amount to rectify and we end up kicking ourselves that we didn’t do it sooner.

So, with all this in mind, I’ve created a simple home maintenance checklist with 5 tasks you can start right now.

Check your A/C unit

Check your AC unit

When was the last time you had this checked? Last summer, probably. However, if you want to avoid a broken a/c unit when summer hits then you should do some simple maintenance as soon as possible. Clean the filters and ensure it’s in good working order. If you’re unsure get in touch with this 24-hour air conditioning service for assistance.

Test your smoke alarms

Do you have batteries in your smoke alarms? When was the last time you checked them? A smoke alarm could alert you and your family to the danger of a fire in your home, giving you all chance to escape in an emergency. Testing them takes seconds. Do it now.

Check your drains and gutters

Drains and gutters fill with leaves, rubbish and debris in all weathers and seasons. When drains and gutters are blocked, they cause leaks which in turn can cause water damage to your property. So, take a little time to ensure that they’re clear of all debris and any damage is repaired.

Complete a deep clean of your property

Complete a deep clean of your property

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Basic cleaning should be done throughout the week, but at least once a month you should complete a full, deep clean of your property. That means carpets cleaned, skirting boards washed, mattresses turned, and bedding cleaned, bathroom deep cleaned the kitchen scoured. It’s hard work but it’s certainly worth it.

Clean your cleaning tools!

Your vacuum cleaner, your dishwasher, washing machine, mop, bucket and sweeping brushes. When was the last time you cleaned any of these items? All these cleaning tools are breeding grounds for bacteria, so take some time to give them all a good deep clean.