Got a room rental in San Francisco, CA? Are you struggling to decorate it? You have come the right way.

Renters struggle between beautifying their room on rent and, at the same time, not investing too much in a temporary home. Decorating a rental room means following rules, plans, and a budget. Breaking down the home decor into segments is the easiest way to plan it through.

San Francisco, the city with a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, is a beautiful city to rent a room. The weather can get chilly during the mornings and evenings. You may wish to add warm elements and colors to the decor to make your room rental in San Francisco look cozy and pleasant.

While looking up rooms for rent in San Francisco, CA, you may wish to look for places with windows and enough room for sunlight to enter. Finding rooms for rent in San Francisco, CA, becomes more convenient and hassle-free with a trusted roommate finder to ease the process infinitely.

Here are ten home decor ideas to revamp your room rental in San Francisco.

  1. DIY Picture Wall
  2. Pretty Storage
  3. Curtains, Sheets, and Bedcovers
  4. More Green, More Good
  5. Baskets and Boxes (for the bathroom)
  6. The Open Wardrobe
  7. Lighting Fixtures
  8. Big, Pretty Rugs
  9. Vinyl Floorcloths (for the bathroom)
  10. Wall Grids and Shelves
  • DIY Picture Wall

Instead of investing in frames and putting them on the wall, try a DIY Picture Wall. Strings, clips, and decorations are all you need to put up a picture wall. Take those polaroids out and give your room a personalized yet minimalist look.

  • Pretty Storage

Instead of renting huge or buying bulky storage options, choose open storage units that look pretty and minimal in your room for rent in San Francisco, CA. You may also look for a light and portable ottoman as they can be a small secret storage unit.

  • Curtains, Sheets, and Bed covers

What defines your room more than the wall color, bedsheets, and curtains? Since wall color is something you can’t do much about, you can pour your creativity into choosing and coordinating the rest. Curtains are something you take away with you when you move out, and hence, you can simply buy curtains of neutral or pastel colors that will go with whatever color the walls are of your room rental in San Francisco. Bed Covers are an inexpensive way of adding a color pop to your room and channel your California dreams.

  • More Green, more Good

Indoor plants make your room look welcoming. While you find rooms for rent in San Francisco, CA, you can read about available indoor plants that look aesthetically good and require less management.

  • Baskets and Boxes

Baskets are beautiful, affordable, and minimal storage for your bathroom. You can simply put them in the cabinet under the basin or use them to store dry towels, shower essentials, and toilet paper.

  • The Open Wardrobe

A classic way to make your wardrobe a part of your room decor is to set up an open wardrobe using a clothes rack, baskets, boxes, and hangers. You may not want to put all of your stuff in it. It is suggested that you put only bags, and coats as they are easier to put on hangers, and at the same time, they look good.

  • Lighting fixtures

One thing that you can unquestionably change is the lighting of the room. You can add fairy lights that give a snug feel to the room, or you can put a floor lamp next to your bed instead of a bedside lamp. You can experiment and arrange lighting fixtures as per your convenience as you can take them away with you when you move out.

  • Big, pretty rugs

You may not be able to change the room’s flooring, but you can surely invest in rugs as they give your room an edge. You can either buy one big rug or a few small ones. You can place them near your bed or set up a sitting arrangement near the window with an ottoman and a small table.

  • Vinyl floorcloths (for the bathroom)

They are vinyl rugs that are more durable and can be placed like a mat in the bathroom. They will be a perfect option if your rented room’s bathroom doesn’t have the right looking flooring. You can lay them out as desired and take them away with you.

  • Wall grids and shelves

Simple shelves and wall grids would make your room’s wall look lovely. You can either use them to put your books, small indoor plants, or a picture frame. Wall grids can make your desk look excellent and organized. You can even add a pin-board to make it look even better.

Here are a few tips for you while you plan to decorate your room rental in San Francisco.

  • Before you move in

You may click pictures of the empty room before moving in to plan the decorations. The pictures give you a good idea of the visuals and help you understand how your space could look after the interior decorations. Look through the internet for inspirations or themes you might want to incorporate in your decor. Instead of buying high-end premium furniture, look for minimalistic and affordable furniture that can be rented out.

  • Don’ts while decorating

While decorating, you should not opt for permanent fixtures in your room without your landlord’s prior approval. Changing wallpapers, flooring, and painting the walls are some of the changes you might want to avoid. You may also want to avoid drilling too many holes in the walls.

  • What are the alternatives?

Instead of painting or changing the wallpaper, use reusable wallpaper or removable wall stickers to personalize your room rental. Space optimized furniture such as a snackable twin bed would serve the purpose of a couch and a bed as per your convenience.

Moving to San Francisco and looking up rooms for rent in San Francisco can be tricky and time-consuming. While you look up rooms for rent in San Francisco, it’s a smart idea to plan a rough layout of interior and decor. It would help you save a lot of time planning the decor after finalizing your ideal room for rent in San Francisco!