A clean house can bring a sense of pride, and you are more likely to have company around when your house is clean. You are also more likely to have satisfaction, happiness, and contentment. If you live in a dirty house, it only brings stress and tension, which can be detrimental to your health.

Yet, it can still be hard to find the motivation to clean your home thoroughly as often as you want to. It is time-consuming, and there are often more fun and rewarding activities to do. So, we have compiled some expert tips to help you clean efficiently and easily. Read on for our professional advice.

Clean the Whole House, Not a Room at a Time

Most people clean a house room by room, but this can end up being very inefficient. It is always better to complete one task at a time before moving onto the next one. For example, when you dust, dust the entire house. The same goes for vacuuming, sweeping, and all other tasks too. By doing this, you are not constantly switching tools and wasting your valuable time. If you are planning to sanitize your house, make sure you learn about common disinfection mistakes by homeowners.

Gather all Cleaning Tools in a Bag or Bucket

All the tools that you need for cleaning should be readied and kept together in a caddy, bag, or bucket so that they can be easily moved from one room to another as you switch from room to room. This saves you the time you would waste looking for the tools you need. It’s best to put everything together before you begin cleaning.

Clear the Clutter

Before you begin the actual cleaning, you also should remove any unnecessary clutter that will get in the way. You can take this one step further and separate your clutter into three piles; give away, throw away, and put away for future use. Once that is done, you are ready to clean your whole house.

Many people do not have the time to clean their house routinely. For such people, professional help can provide an invaluable service. The cleaning professionals at Well-Polished.com emphasize the need for cleanliness and hygiene. According to them, a clean, dust-free house should be everybody’s aim.

Dust and Vacuum

The fans should be switched off before you begin dusting. If it is drafty, the windows should be shut. While dusting, you need to concentrate on all the nooks and corners, the undersides of the shelves, the top of the furniture, picture frames, handrails, TV screens, and ornaments, basically, anywhere that dust can collect. There are many difficult-to-reach areas that can be hard to clean. For such areas, you can tie a microfiber cloth to the top of a broom or mop. Your bed sheets should also be changed before vacuuming to ensure that the dust caught in the sheets does not land on a freshly-vacuumed floor.

Countertops and Surface Areas Must Be Disinfected

Once you have dusted and vacuumed, it is time to wipe clean all the hard surfaces of the entire house. This includes surfaces on appliances and cabinets, doorknobs, countertops, telephones, TV remotes, and light switches. Certain surfaces are more likely to pass on germs when touched and need to be thoroughly disinfected. A quarter or half cup of white or apple cider vinegar can be added to a cup of water to make a non-toxic disinfectant.

Cleaning Mirrors

The mirrors and glass surfaces can be wiped clean using a wet microfiber cloth followed by a dry cloth. If you are cleaning windows, make sure to finish that task before the final vacuuming. And, leave the mirrors for finishing touch-up, when everything else is sparkling.

Mop and Vacuum through the House

The floors in your house should be first swept and then mopped. The mop should be rinsed regularly to remove the dirt from the fibers and ensure a clean floor. You don’t need to worry about running the vacuum cleaner across every nook and cranny of a room unless you notice a build-up of dirt. Make sure that you run through the entire house and cover all the rooms at the same time to reduce wasted time. You can also vacuum all the carpets together and then all the wooden floors, though changing settings on your vacuum may be easy enough that it is better to do it on a room by room basis.

Tubs, Sinks, and Toilets

The kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and toilet seats must be sprayed with a cleaner. This cleaner needs to sit for some time so that the dirt and stains are dissolved and easily cleaned. You can clean the bathroom and kitchen surfaces at the same time. The microwave should also be cleaned both inside and out. Your garbage disposal should be cleaned as well. Clean the toilets last to avoid spreading any hazardous bacteria.

Wash Your Cleaning Tools Regularly

Your cleaning tools are your weapons against the dirt that gathers in your house. In order to ensure proper cleaning of the house, the tools must always be clean. They need to be regularly washed and sanitized. Wiping surfaces with a dirty cloth or using a vacuum cleaner with a bag full of dirt will not be effective and will only add to your cleaning time.

Cleaning as a Group Activity

Any job or chore that is done in a team or group is usually more enjoyable and speeds up the cleaning time. If the whole family is able to get together and work towards cleaning the house with different tasks allotted to each person, not only will the house be cleaned quickly, but the family members may also enjoy themselves. It is a great bonding activity, and there is nothing like quality time spent with the family.

A clean house makes for a happy life. It reduces the chances of falling ill as it gets rid of the germs, dirt, and dust. Along with maintaining the health and hygiene of the people living in the house, it adds beauty to your home. If you keep these tips in mind, you will not find cleaning a herculean task. It is up to you to turn cleaning into more of an adventure than a boring routine or monotonous chore. So pick up the broom, mop, and some cleaning rags, and go for it. Happy cleaning!