People have been using carpeting in their home for many years. Carpeting offers a great way to block out noise and adds an additional layer of softness to any home. If you have carpets, you’ll want to make sure they continue to look good for as long as you stay in your home. Sometimes, it is obvious a carpet cleaning isn’t working. In that case, it is best to find the source of the problem. An even better solution is working with the professionals at Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning.

Detached Part

Detached Part
Machines used to clean carpets can be quite complicated. It’s best to examine the machine carefully before you begin any cleaning plan. A part can easily become detached, making it impossible to complete the cleaning process.

Excess Shampoo

Many types of carpet cleaners use shampoo to get stains out. Shampoo helps clean the carpet fibers. A thorough cleaning using shampoo can get out many stains. However, if the machine has too much shampoo, it can create pools of shampoo on the floor and make it even harder to get the carpeting clean. It’s a good idea to examine the machine and make sure there’s just the right amount of shampoo inside it.

Enclosed Spaces

Indoor air quality is important. All rooms need to have rooms with great airflow. Air flow is also important when it comes to making sure your carpets are being cleaned efficiently. You’ll want to make sure that all doors and windows are opened as you clean. This can help remove additional dust particles. Just make sure the rooms have adequate screens in place first.

Full Bag

Full Bag
Many carpeting cleaning machines rely on bags to accumulate excess dirt in a single place. All bags should be examined before you begin cleaning. Make sure they have enough space for your planned carpeting cleaning. Otherwise you run the risk of simply spreading further dirt.

Older Carpeting

Older carpeting can be harder to clean than newly installed carpeting. If you have this kind of carpeting, you’ll want to take special care as you clean it. Working with a professional is an ideal way to get any carpeting fully cleaned without a problem.

Outdated Machinery

Homeowners often choose to use older machines. These machines are not as efficient as cleaning carpets as newer machines. An older machine may not work on new types of carpeting. If you are using an older machine and it isn’t working out, it might be time to trade it in for a new model.

Not Right For That Stain

Stains greatly vary. There are many different types of stain. Food stains and wine stains differ. The same is true of stains caused when people bring dirt in the home from outdoors. Pet odors also cause different issues. This is why it is a good idea to make sure you have the right cleaner before you begin.

Too Much Moisture

Too Much Moisture
Another impediment to efficient carpet cleaning is having too much moisture in the cleaning solution. Moisture can help remove stains and dirt. However, it can push the dirt and other potential problems deeper inside the carpeting if too much is used at any given time. If the carpeting still feels damp to the touch, this is a sign there’s too much liquid in your cleaning process.

Wrong Attachment

Carpet cleaners frequently come with a great many types of attachments. These attachments can be very useful. They can help users get closer to the source of the problem and remove dust and dirt even from narrow corners. At the same time, the wrong kind of attachment can impede the process of getting the carpeting clean. If the attachment clearly isn’t working, it’s time to change it out.

Very Heavy

A machine can be very heavy to use. Many people only use their carpeting cleaners once or twice a quarter. They might not know how to use the machine or find it hard to lug around across all parts of the flooring as they clean. This can impede the process of getting the carpet free of all stains.