Are you thinking about listing your house for sale? Whether you’re looking to upsize or downsize locally, or even make a long-distance move, you want to maximize the amount you can sell your home for. This requires some early prep. Luckily, we’ve laid out your next steps here. If you want to see the new homes for sale in Fayetteville AR, you can go for exprealty.

1. Research the Local Housing Market

First, do some market research. Knowing the price houses similar to yours have recently sold for in the area will help you determine if you can afford to sell right now. It can also give you a rough idea of how to price your home.
Research the Local Housing Market

2. Contact a Real Estate Agent

Finding an experienced real estate agent in your market is invaluable. They have access to better market data, so they’ll know if your pricing goals are realistic, and they will guide you through the selling process.

3. Pack and Purge to Declutter

Start packing things you won’t need in the near future to declutter and depersonalize your house to make it more appealing to buyers what not to fix. You can also dispose of or donate things you don’t want to transport.

4. Deep Clean

Now is a good time to clean your entire house—from carpets and floors to windows and any hard-to-reach dust or stains you’ve been avoiding.

5. Make Minor Repairs

Your real estate agent can give you an idea of what repairs you should make before listing your home, and what not to fix. A good general rule is to fix anything that poses a safety risk or interferes with the basic function of the home (like a leaky faucet).
Make Minor Repairs

6. Consider Curb Appeal

What will potential buyers see when they drive by your home? Make sure to clean up your landscaping before listing. Pull weeds, mulch the garden, plant in-season flowers, and of course, keep the lawn mowed.

7. Decide Where You Plan to Go

Do you know where you’ll go if you sell your house? If you don’t have a new house ready to move into at that time, you might need to make temporary arrangements to stay with family or rent during your own house hunt.

8. Research Professional Movers and Storage Companies

Like real estate agents, residential movers can make your life easier when selling a home. Not only can they handle the heavy lifting, but some will also store your items for you until you’re ready to move into your new house. Professional moving companies will happily answer your questions about the moving process.

9. Make Plans for Your Pets

Make Plans for Your Pets
Pets need special accommodations not only during your physical move but also during home showings. Decide where they’ll go when potential buyers look at your home and remove signs of pets as much as possible. Not all buyers love them as much as you do.

10. Stage Your Home

Your agent will help you stage your home. Staging typically involves rearranging furniture and adding special touches like flowers and accent pieces to make your home look more generally appealing to buyers.

Moving and listing your house for sale can be a huge undertaking. By tackling these tasks before putting your home on the market, you’ll make the process less stressful and more organized for you and your real estate agent.