Outdoor blinds have increasingly become popular over the years. Many home and business owners –particularly in the hospitality industry—appreciate them for their impressive functionality and stunning aesthetics. Whether you want to use them to cover your patio or entertainment area, your options are endless.

But what must you consider if you want to pick the right outdoor cafe blinds? It doesn’t help that there are many brands on the market to select from. But we’re certain your selection process can be made easier if you look out for the following factors before making your final purchase.

What’s the Weather Like in Your Area?

Before even shortlisting your top five favourite outdoor blinds, you need to consider your local weather climate. Is it usually rainy? Is it very windy? These factors will determine the blinds you pick and how effectively they’ll protect your furniture. If the area experiences a lot of rain and wind, then you need blinds made of very strong material.

In addition, find out if the blinds provide complete protection from the above weather elements. Track-guided blinds are designed to prevent wind or rain penetration into a space.

Consider Your Budget

Consider Your Budget
As mentioned earlier, outdoor blinds are available in different types. As a result, the prices vary. Avoid settling for the cheapest brand you find. Rather opt for high-quality blinds that’ll last you long. Cheaper blinds seldom feature a solid construction and tend to malfunction often.

Look for a Reputable Company

Before you shortlist your top five favourite blinds, you need to consider the seller. In most cases, these companies not only sell blinds but also install.

You need to look for a reputable company that knows what it’s doing regarding the measuring and installation process. Read a few reviews online and visit their website to gauge their experience.

Check the warranty periods the company offers. It’s not uncommon for blinds to malfunction as mentioned earlier. You want a company that has a reasonable warranty period—and terms—to avoid future headaches.

What Are the Blinds Made of?

Still on the subject of material, note that these blinds are made using different materials. And the material you pick will determine many factors such as:
What Are the Blinds Made of

  • How long it’ll last
  • How easy it’ll be to clean
  • How it’ll look
  • Where you place them

Ideally you want to pick blinds that are made of durable material and designed to last. Common materials used in the construction of blinds include wood, polyethylene and PVC.

Café blinds made of clear or tinted PVC allow for an unrestricted view. This is why restaurants and cafés usually opt for this type.

What Do They Look Like?

Of course, aesthetics matter. One of that main reasons for installing blinds is to beautify a certain space. You want to pick a colour that blends in with the rest of the décor. The colour of blinds you pick can also influence a location’s ambience. Brown hues are known to give off a warm and relaxing ambience.

But whichever colour you pick, we highly recommend that you don’t sacrifice aesthetics for durability and functionality.

The Operation Mechanism

Outdoor blinds have different operating mechanisms. Are the blinds manual or motorised? This will determine how easy—or difficult—they are to operate. It goes without saying that the motorised blinds are much simpler to use than their manual counterparts.

Working with ropes and pulleys can be quite frustrating. Rather opt for automated blinds that work at just the click of a button.

Still on the subject of ease of use, consider if the blinds are spring balanced. This type allows you to simply push it to your desired height hassle free.

Are the Blinds Easy to Clean?

The last thing you need is to spend hours cleaning blinds. Rather opt for blinds that are easy to clean. PVC blinds rarely require regular cleaning. But if you have to, be sure to avoid scratching them during cleaning. Always use a soft cloth to avoid abrasions. And never use strong detergents as they may also damage the blinds.

Amount of Light

You need to consider the amount of light you would prefer to enter the space a room. If you want to allow lots of light into a space, then opt for fully retractable blinds such as roller blinds.

Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters
Privacy matters when considering the blinds to buy. And this aspect applies to both home and restaurant owners. If your house is along a busy street, the last thing you need are prying eyes constantly peaking at you during your relaxation periods. Customers of upmarket and exclusive hotels or bars may also require some degree of privacy.

In both instances, vertical blinds are your best option. You can easily angle the slats to retain privacy while still allowing natural light to enter.

Security Reasons

If security is top of your priority list, you need to opt for durable blinds with added reinforcements. Shutters are perfect for this because not only do they feature a solid material, but they also act as an extra barrier to minimize forced entry.

Wrapping Up

It’s in your best interests to research a little before investing in your outdoor blinds. Compare the different brands regarding factors such as cost, quality, ease of operation and durability. Seek professional advice if you have to. This way you’re more informed and equipped to pick the right outdoor café blinds for your needs.

With that said, are you ready to go outdoor café blinds shopping?