Clutter and junk can negatively affect your sleep, ability to focus, and anxiety levels. It can also make your space and yourself less productive by triggering avoidance that makes things tiresome and hard to complete. As such, according to clutter clearing professionals like EZ San Francisco Junk Removal, when cleaning or getting rid of your old junk, you should take the following things into consideration.

Selling unused and things you don’t need online

Unlike traditional markets, where most buyers want new products, online platforms offer you a chance to sell unused items instead of throwing them out. Online selling contains a large audience interested in used and unwanted items; thus, most buyers offer different prices. When this happens, you’ll sell your old junk stuff at considerable prices rather than selling them in conventional markets. Additionally, you’ve got a chance to sell and post items online throughout the day without limitation. Embrace platforms like Craigslist. Others you can post and attract buyers include ThredUp and Poshmark. Post anything from old shoes, accessories, and anything in between you don’t use.


If you’re looking to encourage generosity, especially in kids, donating your old junk is an excellent idea. Donating your old junk also helps the environment since you won’t have to throw things away that can affect the soil and the quality of the air you breathe. Take stuff like old shoes, bags, clothes, and toys to donation centers. Embrace charity companies like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill, plus others in your place of residency. In addition to old clothes and shoes, you can also donate furniture, electronics, and appliances.

Turning your old junks into hand-me-downs

Hand–me downs refer to transferring ownership of your properties to others. For instance, you can take your old dresses and smaller shoes to adult family members and kids. Doing this means you won’t own those stuff, but they’ll be used and belong to others which helps clear junk you don’t want or cannot use. Find groups of friends and relatives and create old junk hand–me downs. Allow them to select what they desire and leave the rest. When old junks remain after completing hand-me-downs, you can choose other options for getting rid of them. This is essential considering you shouldn’t force others to accept hand-me-downs.

Giving your things away

Unlike donation, giving away is taking your old junk to people and places you’re sure will be of use. Find schools where kids will use old shoes to play with and more. You can also create give-away posters and only give things to those who come for them. Also, advertise giving your things away through word of mouth and get referrals from friends and family.


Besides giving your old junk away and donating it, another excellent option to get rid of it is upcycling. This means creatively reusing your garbage by transforming it into more valuable products. You can do this by turning your unwanted old junks into new materials, including taking your old tables and turning them into pool practice tables. You can also paint different stuff and use them for artistic values.

Recycling your junk

Unlike uprecyling, where you change the use of your old junks into new usage, recycling means converting them into new materials and objects. The process considers your old junks as waste materials, thus converting them into new ones. This means you can turn old tables and other wooden trash into firewood. Also, your old content, like mattresses, can be used as punching bags for martial artist practices.

Throwing them away

Based on the condition of your junk, if other ways of getting rid of it don’t properly work, the best option is throwing it away. You can use private waste collecting companies and regular garbage collectors for this. If you use companies, you’ll pay a certain amount for waste collection and disposal. Otherwise, you can collect your junk into cabbage silos and burn them.

Hiring junk removal professionals

While you can declutter your space through your DIY skills, an extensive amount of junk needs the help of junk removal professionals. Consider reaching out to cleaning companies and get their offers for getting rid of old trash from your space. Also, you can hire private waste-collecting trunks and pick-ups. Based on your needs and the amount of junk you’ve got, any of these options will help clear your content.

Keeping your junk

If other options of getting rid of your old junk don’t work or you’re emotionally attached to your stuff, the best consideration is keeping them. Find a place like your roof, basement, or balcony and store old things you don’t use.

Decluttering your entire style of livelihood

Instead of wondering how to take care and get rid of old junk, you can opt to change your lifestyle, thus making it easy to accept getting rid of things you’re emotionally attached to. Decluttering is also an excellent consideration if you’re relocating to a new place. You can decide to sell your old home with everything inside via all-in-cash buyers, which means those who purchase the property will deal with the old junk you leave behind.