Every room of your home needs to be decorated properly so you feel better. But you should concentrate more on the bedroom you spend one-third of your day that will make you energetic also make you feel relaxed.

We’ve shared 12 best bedroom decorating ideas that will help to bring new life to your bedroom.

Are you ready to decorate your bedroom? Read on these 12 bedroom decor tips and complete the decoration of your favorite space…

Don’t be afraid to choose colors

White can indeed make a room feel warm. But if you like colors then you can paint your bedroom wall colors with different colors. Choose any dark color you like, such as black for your room.

But if yours is a small bedroom then don’t use any dark color, that’s because when you add any dark color to a small room this will make your room look even smaller.

Keep your bed simple

Keep your bed simple

Keeping the bed always simple is a great idea to decorate a bedroom since it is the focal point of your room. Your bed can be placed anywhere in your bedroom you want. But it would look good to keep the bed in the center of the room.

When it comes to decorating your bed, make sure you have a comfortable mattress that will make sure you sleep well at night.

When choosing a mattress, take into consideration the mattress height, headboard, and the nightstand height too.

Lucid is one of the mattress brands which is very popular nowadays plus this brand offers comfortable, long-lasting and affordable mattresses. You can check out the Lucid Mattress Review if you want a mattress that makes sure of your comfort and at the same time gives you the premium feel.

Cozy headboard

A headboard stands for the protection of your bed plus it’s proven that a nice bed along with a cozy headboard can provide you a better night of sleep. Also, a headboard is a great thing to decorate the room.

If you afford then invest in a wooden headboard for your bed or make a DIY headboard for your bed. Plus if you want then make storage on your headboard to keep books or other stuff too.

Throw colorful pillows and a plush blanket

A few colorful pillows will make your bed look stylish. That is a great part of decorating your bedroom. Before adding pillows you should take into consideration the look you want to get from your bed then choose pillows.

Adding two or three cushions along with pillows will make your bed cozier. Throw a plush blanket too on top of the bed.

Don’t forget a woolen rug

Don’t forget a woolen rug

Your bedroom area should have a rug plus it would be amazing if you choose a woolen rug. To give comfort to your bedroom, use a large soft rug and when it comes to softness, nothing can be better than wool.

Matching the rug color with your bedroom color, if your bedroom color is white then choose a colorful one or if its dark color then goes for a bright one.

A rug will add a classic look to your bedroom so don’t forget a woolen rug.

Bring some relaxing light

Consider adding multiple lighting elements in your bedroom since it will create a relaxing feel. There are different types of lightings available, such as pendant lightings, bedside lamps, floor lamps, night lights, sconces, etc.

Usually, artificial lights will make a relaxing feel, and for that consider adding pendant lights to your room. Also, there are different sparkling lights you can find that are also amazing to create a relaxing feel to the room.

Add a few colorful arts to the wall

Once you make a beautiful bed with a perfect headboard, now it’s time to decorate your wall. Your bedroom decorating will not complete until the wall is empty. You can make a gallery of colorful art to the wall of your bedroom.

Colorful arts will make it look stunning than you think. Select the wall behind your bed or another one. Make an illusion of different arts for the wall.

On the market, different arts are available, purchase arts from there or just with your favorite photos make a gallery. When making a gallery make sure you’d love the arts or photos.

Create floating shelves

Floating shelves are space-saver for your bedroom plus they give a sleek look to your room. The best part about floating shelves is you can create this anywhere in the room you want. Floating shelves are useful since they increase the beauty of your room.

If you are a book lover then this would be an ideal way to keep your collections. Or keep some different showpieces or to keep a nightstand beside your bed, you can create floating shelves too.

Get a wardrobe with sliding door

Get a wardrobe with sliding door

A sliding wardrobe is an elegant idea for your bedroom. Different types of sliding wardrobe designs are available but we’d suggest you should make a glass sliding door wardrobe to your room. Glass is capable of expanding a space also they have a classic look.

Make a reading corner beside the window

A cozy reading corner could create beside your bedroom window. Use a simple reading table, a comfortable chair and place your books on the table. A reading corner in the bedroom would be perfect for the people who love reading.

Wallpaper on the ceiling

To make a bold with a colorful ceiling you can add a wallpaper. Nowadays the wallpaper ceiling is becoming popular to the people also this is one of the best ways to show the personality and your test.

The wallpaper creates a modern interior to your bedroom. You can create the theme you want with the wallpaper. So choose the wallpaper wisely.


Purify the bedroom air with some houseplants. This also another best way to decorate your bedroom. Moreover, houseplants can make you more creative as well as stress-free which is a great thing. Houseplants also make your bedroom look luxurious.


What do you think about these bedroom decorating ideas? Hopefully, you love these 12 ideas. Always keep your bedroom clean and keep the technology out of your room. Dedicate your bedroom only for relaxing, sleeping, and reading.