The Farmhouse look is comfy, traditional, and warm. It’s so charming that many homeowners are choosing to incorporate this look into their homes this year. Why do they love it? Well, the style thrives on earthy, rugged, and raw beauty. Now, you don’t need to carry out any major renovations. There are few items —here and there — that will add natural textures and organic colors into your home. A few statement pieces might be all you need.

1.Wood Plank Wall


One of the best and easiest rustic décor ideas to implement involves covering an entire wall with real weathered wood planks. Try it in your living room, kitchen, or entryway. When sourcing the planks, you can get fake or real reclaimed wood.

With the latter option, you might even have authentic nail holes. What’s more, real wood planks age individually giving them different color variations. Check out weathered fir that’s optimally gray. What’s more, the planks may be painted white or with other warm colors.

2. Create a Brick Wall Gallery

Why are exposed brick walls interesting? Well, they are earthy and natural-looking. Plain brick walls can be made better if you add framed black & white photos for a retro look. Or even try out canvas paintings or reproductions of famous paintings with vintage frames.

When it comes to displaying photos, mix small & large photos. Arrange some in landscape mode and others as portraits. Frame some. Leave others frame-less.

The design is timeless and appropriate in 2020. What’s more, it can be a rich expression of your family’s history. For a more rustic look, you can have weathered bricks or painted bricks with a deteriorating effect that exposes their warm brown undertones.

3. Get a Rustic Coffee Table

The deal with reclaimed wood is that it can be used to create household furniture. And adding a rustic brown table will give you the rustic-chic décor look you’re shooting for. It also makes the living room more vintage. The table doesn’t have to have wooden legs. They can be metallic. Not only do they look great, but rustic tables tend to be sturdy.

4. Hanging Jars


Mason jars are a must-have if you’re looking for easy rustic home décor. There are glass jars of every size, and it’s possible to recycle jars that may come your way.

Let’s start with what you can do in the mason jar. First, you may fill them with flowers or twigs. Some have even used mason jars as soap dispensers or as light fixtures.

There is even a ladder chandelier design that comes with hanging mason jars as pendants. What’s more, you can even use these jars as picture frames. Mason jars can be suspended with chains, twigs, ropes, etc.

5.White Faux Animal Mounts (Deer)

Adorning the walls of many country lodges are animal mounts or trophies from previous hunts. There might be reasons that might keep you from displaying real taxidermy mounts. For instance, some real deer heads are not legal to sell in all states. You might be motivated to protect threatened species.

Luckily, you can try white faux taxidermy. They are statement pieces that you mount on walls. For a mild grotesque look, some homeowners go with white-bone skulls from dead animals. And for a more rustic look, the animal mount can be mounted on a plague (wooden board) that’s made from reclaimed wood.

6. Rustic Picture Frames


Rustic picture frames bring into your home the feel of a country home in the midst of rolling hills and wide plains. If you’re searching for rustic wall décor, here is your chance to try something easy. Frames could be rustic brown, soft gray, etc. You can choose to display your most colorful photos in these, for instance, a picture from a beach excursion.

7. Cottage Cabinets or Chests

Looking for rustic country décor? Try cottage or country cabinets for a farmhouse look. There are many sources of such chests, for instance, at a vintage shop near you or online. What’s more, if you’re a DIY type of person, you can build your own as they are not complicated.

The cabinets and chests can be used in your bathroom, laundry room, etc. Try dark brown chests or ones with soft hues like rustic yellow. White cabinets are also suitable as rustic home décor.

Now if you’re thinking of acquiring a new home that you can decorate with this rustic farmhouse style, one of the best places to explore right now in the Toronto area is Pickering; you may learn more about it here.

8. Starmore Bookcase

With this gorgeous bookcase, you can add an industrial rustic look to your home. It’s urban with a sleek minimalist metal frame. There are up to five shelves with walnut wood planks. Alternatively, you can try a ladder bookcase design.

9. Old & Vintage Baskets

Running out of places to store little items in your house, for instance, your child’s toys, frequently used items, and all sorts of clutters. Well, think of getting a handwoven basket. They might look fragile, particularly old twig baskets, but they are usually woven on sturdy metal frames for durability. Not only is this a rustic chic décor but it adds personality and charm. Your kitchen can also use some old baskets, which you can use to store condiments. If you don’t like twig baskets, you can choose bare metal frame baskets.

10.Storage Crates

Storage crates with rope handles are gifts from the past. You can go for brown finished crates with natural wood grains. Crates, unlike baskets, can be easily stacked. Not only will they look great, but they also create extra space in your living room, bathrooms, etc.

11. Rustic Throw Pillows

Adding a country feel can be as easy as using some rustic throw pillows. If you have pillows already, you only have to get some rustic pillow covers, for instance, mahogany faux leather covers, stripped cases, or grain sacks.

12. Wood Plank Art Decor


For a rustic-chic décor, just get wood art. It can be informed of wood plank paintings or signage that can hang on any wall. Or art that’s applied directly on the wood planks. Not only will you be adding charm, but it’s also crafty.

13. Farmhouse dining table

Thinking of getting a new dining table? Try a farmhouse dining table with a natural wood finish. It embodies a simple, rugged, and sturdy design. It also makes your kitchen or dining area more inviting.