Moving into a new home is both scary and exciting. Scary because it is an unfamiliar journey which involves starting all over again, but exciting because it is a brand new place to settle down with a wealth of different opportunities. 

This is especially true for those who practice the Jewish faith. In Judaism, the home is regarded as a hub for worshipping and prayers, with many Jews believing their home is the most important place to bring them closer to God. 

If you have a Jewish friend who is moving into a new home, it could be a great idea to relieve their trepidations and build their excitement with a meaningful Jewish gift. This will not only make them feel immediately comfortable, but it will also help them to start building their home into the place of worship and virtue that it is supposed to be. There are lots of gift ideas to do this, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Mezuzah Case

A mezuzah case is the perfect starting place if you are looking for a meaningful, beautiful gift for a new Jewish home. For those who are unfamiliar, a mezuzah is a small scroll of parchment holding scribed biblical passages. Literally meaning “doorpost” in Hebrew, the mezuzah is fixed to the doorpost of any entrance within the home to remind the inhabitants that it is a holy place which is protected by God. 

The best place to find something like this is online. The mezuzah, for instance,  is one of many Nadavart Jewish gifts which offer expert craftsmanship and variety. If it is a family moving into the home, then this site also offers a mezuzah for children, such as Spongebob- and Minions-inspired designs, both of which could be great to make the children feel comfortable and help them to build that relationship with Judaism in their new home.  

Dining Sets

Believe it or not, food actually plays a pretty integral part in the Jewish religion. Whether it’s Sukkot, Rosh Hashana or Hanukkah, food is a way to bring the family together and celebrate ancestors of the past. In this way, it is a perfect gift idea to kit your friend out with a brand new dining set which is crafted specifically for the holidays.  

Once again, the best place to find something like this is online, where you can scroll through a variety of sets and pick the one that will work best. Before you do this, however, it would be a good idea to visit the home in question. If you understand exactly what they might be going for with the dining space, then you will have more chance of finding a set which will perfectly match their already established home décor.

Art Pieces

We all know what it’s like moving into a new home. Ordinarily, it is the practical side of things (such as furniture or renovations) which come first, with ideas for interior design being put on the back-burner. This often leads to people living in undecorated homes for months, or even years, before they add some colourful décor to lighten up the living spaces. 

This is why buying your friend an art piece for the entrance hall or lounge can be a great way to help them give it some life ahead of time. There are plenty of beautiful Jewish artists who portray the meaning of the religion with surrealist, cubist or fauvist paintings. Ask your friend what kind of art they like, take a look online or inside a local gallery, and get them something which will ignite their imagination and install some personality to their new home early.