The bread machine industry must have boomed since the start of this decade. While everyone was stuck inside their homes, many people turned to the making of bread as a therapeutic way to remain busy, calm and creative. 

With a bread machine in the kitchen, the passion for bread-making only became easier and more conducive to creativity, as it allowed people to throw whatever they wanted into the mix and simply see what happens. 

While this led to some pretty horrific failures (apple-bread was never going to be a winning combination) it allowed people to see the full extent of what a bread machine can offer, allowing them to grow more popular even after everything went back to normal.

Today, a bread machine is still a great side-hobby for anyone who loves the smell of freshly baked dough in the morning. If you have recently purchased one and are looking for some more inventive, risky recipes (that definitely do not involve apples), then here are a few examples to get you started:

Pizza Bread

What’s the point in pizza bread when you can just buy a pizza, we hear you ask? Well, there are many qualities to pizza bread which make it a far superior meal to any shop-bought pizza. In a way, this recipe is like garlic bread and pizza all mixed into one. All it requires is some tomatoes, basil, cheese and pepporoni, and benissimo! You’ve got yourself some mouth-watering pizza bread.

Cinnamon And Raisin Bread

Made with raisins and flavoured with cinnamon, this is a perfect bread not only for eating but, also, creating that lovely aromatic smell in the kitchen. It’s simple to make and pretty hard to get wrong, so if you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely one to try. 

Challah Bread

Sweet and flavoursome, challah bread is a Jewish creation which is eaten during holidays such as Shabbat or Rosh Hashana. For any Jewish person who is planning to host one of these holidays, trying out your bread machine with a challah recipe is a great way to make your guests impressed and scent out that dining room. If you go to the Israeli Centre of Judaica, you can even find some kitchen sets to help in its presentation. Just beware, if it’s too good, your place will definitely become the designated holiday house. For better or for worse.

Chipotle Bread

Going off the books a bit, halloumi and chipotle bread is a great way to raise some eyebrows and stir up the status quo. It’s unusual, different, but above all, it is totally delicious. This is definitely one to try if you are trying to add a bit more spice to things and create a bread which is packed with new flavours.

Chocolate Orange Bread

You want risky; we’ll give you risky. A chocolate orange bread is a winning combination which combines cocoa and orange oil to create a rich, sugary dessert. While this is probably the easiest one to get wrong, it will certainly get your bread machine off relaxation mode and set it to work. Just be careful to get your measurements right and keep your attention on the details. Don’t panic, if you give it your best shot, you definitely won’t regret it.