When it comes time to renovate your home, there’s one detail that should take precedent before anything else: your design plan. While demolition and construction are important, they ultimately mean nothing if you don’t have a strong design plan to rely on, affording you a solid starting point. With the right home design plan, you can transform your home into a customized and personalized space that exudes innovation, style, and comfort. Gone are the days of settling when it comes to your home’s appearance; you should feel inspired and proud every time you set eyes on it.

Therefore, since the design of your home is so important, it’s crucial that you find the perfect home designer. Fortunately, there is an impressive selection of home designers in Canada, such as New Century Design, to choose from. By working collaboratively, you have the opportunity to perfectly capture your vision and receive expert insight and advice, allowing you to realize the true potential of your build. But how do you find the right home designer? Let’s explore some ways in which you can narrow down the perfect home designer for you online.

Web Search

While this first method may sound rather obvious, it’s a worthwhile step nonetheless. Simply type “home designer” and your city into the search bar, and some of the top-ranking options should pop up. When it comes to Google, the top results are a mix of most-visited sites and successful SEO strategies. Therefore, each company that appears on the first page of your search results is worth taking a closer look at, as if they’re willing to put in the effort to make their site and services accessible, it’s safe to assume that they’re going to show the same level of dedication to their clients.

If you live in a larger city, consider refining your search even further by including your neighbourhood or quadrant of the city. This allows you to find home designers that are even closer to you, which may be more convenient and beneficial.

Google also has a feature in which you can explore past clients’ ratings and reviews. By reading through both the positive and negative comments, you may get a better sense of which home designers are worth pursuing.

Explore Websites

Once you have a list of promising candidates, do a deep dive into their websites. Here, you will be able to discover their online portfolios of previous work, their licensing and certifications, and a list of the services they offer. While home designers all share a similar role, each one offers something different, whether that be perspective, design style, or methodology. By exploring their websites, you may be able to cross a few potential designers off your list and focus on a few more.

Take extra time looking at their online portfolios, as it’s likely you will discover a theme across all examples. While home designers have the ability to tackle a wide range of different homes and styles, they will all have a particular strong suit that will show up in their work. You may be interested in a certain designer, but, after closer examination, realize that their style just doesn’t match yours– and that’s okay! Just take your time and find one that checks all your boxes.

Speak To The Designers

Once you have thoroughly scoured the internet, it’s time to take your research offline. With a shortlist of two or three potential designers, reach out to them and ask to arrange a meeting. Many home designers offer free consultations, which is the perfect opportunity to ask you questions and determine whether they’re the right fit for you. Consider this meeting to be like a two-way interview; both of you are trying to determine whether the partnership makes sense and whether they will be able to deliver on your vision for your home.

You’ll be working with your home designer for months, if not longer, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them. Communication will be key, so having a good working relationship will allow the process to go much smoother. Plus, nothing’s more exciting than when someone is able to take your words and ideas and translate them into an entire home design.