Have you made the decision that the time has come to revamp your house in Austin, TX? Maybe the home is a bit older and is feeling dated in its décor. Then again, perhaps it’s not an old home – it may just be lacking in design and flow. Creating a house that is welcoming, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time typically takes a fair amount of planning and organization, especially if you want to take on a number of rooms at once. So, what’s the best way to go about things?

We’ve gone ahead and put together four tips that will allow for a total revamping of your Austin home, which will make the entire process smoother and faster.

Begin with a Budget


Any home renovation project, whether big or small, should always start with a budget. The budget is what will guide a number of the decisions you make going forward, so it needs to be step one. In terms of picking a number you feel comfortable with, this can be achieved through looking at your own finances and doing a little research on current pricing.

The budget needs to be affordable, of course, but also needs to be realistic. You can’t expect to revamp an entire house for $100, for example.

Prioritize the Projects

The next step will be to prioritize your projects. It may be your wish to revamp the entire house but budget and timing could say otherwise. This is why prioritizing is so important. It’s not about ignoring projects and never getting to them, it’s about figuring out which ones you want to do now, and which ones can wait.

If you’re having a hard time prioritizing projects, give thought as to which rooms you spend the most time in, and which aren’t currently working for your needs. Take for instance the master bedroom, a very popular room to revamp. If this is the room you want to tackle first you can check out a mattress store in Austin to get an idea of pricing, start looking at paint colors, and perhaps some new decor.

Think About Your Color Palette and Overall Design


Now it’s time to start thinking about color palette and overall design. One of the best ways to create flow in a house is to stick to one common color palette, at least in all the common spaces. Bedrooms are the exception to this rule as you can enjoy a bit more creative freedom in those rooms.

Keep in mind that choosing a color palette doesn’t mean you are painting the entire house in one color, rather, you are sticking to colors of the same family and tone so that they flow and work well together. You can play with depth and shades in the same family.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Complete the Project

After identifying which room(s) you will tackle first, and you’ve chosen the color palette, it’s important you give yourself enough time to complete the project. Far too often, homeowners underestimate just how long these revamp projects will take.

It may require you clearing your calendar for more than just a day or two in order to finish things up. The last thing you want to do is leave a project incomplete and tell yourself you’ll “get to it later”, only to have it sit that way for weeks and even months.

The House You Had Been Dreaming Of


As you start to work your way through your project list, you will finally be creating that home that you had been dreaming of that is both comfortable and stylish.