If you’re looking to sell your home then you’ve probably considered the traditional route of real estate agents. You may even have thought about selling your home privately, the internet has made this a much more viable option although there are still serious risks involved.

But, have you considered selling your house by auction. Traditionally people see auctions as a way to offload a house before the mortgage company forecloses or if you’re undertaking something a little dodgy.

But, the truth is that if you use a reputable auctioneer, you’re more likely to get a sale and it can be considerably faster than using traditional routes. 

In fact, there are four excellent reasons to sell your home at auction:

1. Speed

Listing your house with a traditional real estate agent takes time. They’ll visit to assess the value and then take pictures, prepare a file, and send details to potential buyers. Of course, they’ll also create a listing and then you wait for your buyer. 

It can take months, or even years to find a buyer and complete a sale. However, if you choose to sell via auction the process is much quicker. The house will still need to be valued and a listing created. But, the value is set by you as a reserve price. That’s the minimum you’ll take for the house.

The listing is all the key points and then your house can be booked into an auction. It does help to advertise before the auction which means a delay of a couple of weeks is reasonable. 

That’s it, in theory, your house can be up for sale and even sold within a couple of weeks. 

2. No Top Price

You need to set a reserve price for your property. This will be the amount you need to clear any finance on the property or perhaps to start your new life. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the price you’ll get. The great thing about an auction is that there is no top price. If your house is desirable and you have at least two people bidding it can drive the price up. It’s possible to make considerably more than you would via the traditional route.

3. Buyers Are Ready

One of the biggest issues when selling via real estate agents is the constant visitors from potential buyers, many of which may not even be in a position to buy. 

This isn’t an issue when you choose to sell through an auction. Every person at the auction is actively looking for property and ready to buy. They can’t bid unless the funds are available. 

That means you’re dealing with a roomful of serious buyers and the process will be significantly faster because of this. It will also be a lot less stressful.

4. Selling Date Helps Planning

Selling and moving are stressful. Anything that you can do to lower the stress of moving should be considered a good thing. Selling via an auction lowers your stress by helping you to plan. You know the date of the auction in advance. This is likely to be the sale date for your property and the moving date will be approximately one month later. 

It’s that simple, you can plan your move in advance, dramatically reducing any stress and almost making the process pleasurable.

You don’t need any more reasons, sign your house up for auction today!