With summer fast approaching, it’s time to think about the necessary preparations to get your home ready for the warmer weather. During the winter, a lot of essential jobs have been neglected, and now your home needs some much-needed TLC.

The sooner you get these jobs completed, the longer you have to enjoy the summer sun in its full glory, so this guide will come in useful to get you in the swing of things nice and early.

If you are keen to find out some of the best tactics to get your home ready for summer, these useful tips are worth making a note of.

Prevent water damage

Prevent water damage

While you have put your focus on protecting the exterior of your home from the harsh winter weather, it’s not unusual for summer to bring its fair share of storms, which can cause structural damage to your property.

Heavy rainstorms often lead to water damage, but you can prevent disaster striking by checking the roof, windows, and gutters for any open seals or cracks where water may flood through. Carrying out a quick check of seals regularly will save you a lot of money in reparing later down the line.

Check the air conditioning system

If you rely on air conditioning to get you through the hottest days, make sure you don’t wait until the peak of summer to carry out the necessary checks. Ensure the system is in full working order during the spring by removing debris and cleaning the filters.

It would also be wise to hire a professional tradesman to examine the cooling levels and whether the machinery is cleaned thoroughly. They may advise that you invest in a new AC system from the likes of Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning if your current one is constantly in need of repairs.

Paint your roof white

Paint your roof white

Nobel prize-winning scientist Steven Chu discovered that painting your exterior roof white could be the most beneficial way to save energy. He stated that this tactic is proven to be as efficient as banning cars on the roads for the next decade, but the good news is that there’s something in it for you personally, too.

According to Chu, you’re likely to spend far less on your energy bills as the sunlight will reflect off the bright white surface and back into space, rather than filtering into the attic of your property.

Solar panels would also be another option to cut down costs on your energy bills, as they rely on natural sunlight to operate. While the panels are a substantial initial investment, they should save you a great deal of cash in the long-term.

Protect the outdoor decking

Over the winter, your garden decking is likely to have been exposed to harsh weather conditions, which can cause the wooden planks to be less secure. With this in mind, it’s good to know how to care for, clean, and paint your decking. Tighten up all of the screws and sand down rough boards to remove shards and splinters. It may be the case that new boards will need to be fitted if some of the slats are cracking or breaking apart.