While humidifiers for smaller rooms have never been in short supply, especially in modern times, finding large room humidifiers for your halls and living rooms is not as easy. Large room humidifiers must have certain features that make them capable of humidifying a large room.

Many people resort to furnaces in their large rooms during winter and some others use Air Conditioners during summer. Both ways, the little moisture content in the air is usually lost faster. In times like these, humidifiers are the utmost necessities to many homes as it can save them many resources.

It can be confusing to understand the working of a large room humidifier but a few tips can help you get the right humidifier and use it well in the large room.

Size the area you need the unit to humidify


The size of a humidifier is, partly determined by the area or size of the area that the user needs it to cover.
To understand the size of the humidifier you need therefore, you need to measure the area you want the humidifier to serve, then match the humidifier with space.

You may ask, why not just buy a big one that you are at least sure must cover the area? Well, that is not advisable. Using a size of humidifier that is bigger than the particular area of your home that you wish to humidify will give you problems. You will struggle to keep excess water away from your room and could result in condensation of your room.

Your space layout

Your space layout

Even though large room humidifiers are designed to cover a large space, the layout of your home space is crucial to the optimal functioning of the unit. You should consider the layout of your room space when choosing a large room humidifier for your home or office.

Tank size

Large room humidifiers usually have a tank size of over 3.5 gallons and can be used for a room size of over 3000 square feet or more.

The large room humidifier can run for a day and a half (36 hours before needing to refill the water or turn it off).

It is not safe to guess the tank capacity of the humidifier. It usually was written on the humidifier by the manufacturer because with the tank capacity, you will know how much water the humidifier unit will hold and how long the unit will hold it before you are required to refill it. This will also help you time the humidity level you want your room to attain before shutting it off. The filter information and the methods of cleaning it will be added in this section of the humidifier as well.

Look out for humidistat

The more features a large room humidifier has, the better it will serve the large space it is made for. One of the most important features of a humidifier is the humidistat.

Most large room humidifiers have a digital humidistat that helps them achieve the user’s desired humidity level. When it reaches this level, it shuts down automatically.