The moment buglers get access to your home, they ensure to start from the bottom. They make away with anything money can buy and the money itself if you keep it in the house. You probably must have come across these heartbreaking break-in tales in the daily newspapers, TV, or you have been a victim. If this has never happened to you, you authentic don’t want it to, and if it has happened to you, a repeat would be worse.

Nobody wants to be stolen from. Thieves can storm you even while you’re at home, but taking your valuables won’t be as easy as when you’re on vacation. Of course, you’ll fight them back. Before you leave, be sure that your home is well secured and enjoy as much as you can.

Set a misleading GPS information

You cannot know where a thief is coming from. Maybe the malicious human has just seen your expensive watch and has always already calculated what’s left home. He will patiently wait for you to get into a cafe for a cup of coffee, sneak into your car, and locate your home. That’s how talented they are. And if it’s all there, they’ll get home before you and take everything.
Set a misleading GPS information
Wherever you go, always set your home location to somewhere else. It can be a public library, a hotel, or a school.

Hire a house sitter

A sitter can be anybody, a friend, relative, or neighbor. They’ll not only provide security but will also take care of part your family left behind (your pets to be precise), take care of your flowers, take the trash out and empty your mailbox. It is however not good to overwork a home keeper unless you’re paying them.

If someone is doing this out of goodwill, make sure you treat them handsomely once you’re back. But you can never trust just anybody offering to take care of your home and keep watch for a fortnight without payment. The chances are that it could be the bugler himself. To be sure, hire someone from home sitting agencies. A good one is trusted house sitters australia.

Lock everything and keep spare keys safely

Locking up is a tradition, but a reminder does not harm. Talking about keys, do not keep them at your usual spots; a thief knows these areas better than you do. If you have a terrible habit of going to the back door and dumping it into the flower pot thinking it is safe, cut it out. Your predator has maybe seen you do this once or twice and is just waiting for the perfect time. Do you want to fall prey?
Lock everything and keep spare keys safely

Wait till your home to share pictures

Do not share your location and photos online. You may not know who is following your updates. Sharing your check-ins with the public puts your home at risk as it alerts burglars that you are away.


These tips plus many untalked of, i.e., installing timers on electronics and playing the blind game. It’s not 100% guaranteed that a break-in will not happen. Okay, a break-in may not occur, but will your neighbor show love to your cat the same way you do? Look for someone professionally trained to take care of your garden, home, and pet from trusted house sitters australia.