When it comes to home security, state-of-the-art security systems aren’t the only exception. There are a number of ways you can enhance your home security, even if you have a limited budget. Most homeowners rely solely on security systems to protect their property and ignore the fundamentals of home security (which can backfire if not careful).

While we strongly recommend you install a modern security system in your property, it won’t hurt to go back to the basics and implement a few value-minded steps to better protect your home. You can check Casa Security for any ideas.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered 6 cost-effective burglar-proofing measures that you can implement immediately.

1. Always lock your doors and windows before leaving

Most burglars are searching for easy targets by forcing entry on unlocked doors or windows and the first measure you should carry out is making sure these entry points are locked at all times. The last thing you want is for a burglar to break inside your property while you’re out on vacation or buying groceries. Remember, good habits will go a long way towards keeping your home burglar proof and it all starts with securing entry/exit points.
Always lock your doors and windows before leaving
Thieves are most likely to target back doors and windows since these areas are hidden from plain sight. You want to double down on security in these areas by adding a second lock or a motion sensor to further reduce the risk of break-ins.

2. Replace worn-out locks

If you notice that your door and window locks are a bit worn out, it’s a good idea to replace them immediately. Worn-out locks compromise your home security and make it easier for burglars to have unwanted access inside your property. This becomes even more important if you notice tampering in one of your locks. Chances are someone tried picking on the luck unsuccessfully and this should be a bold indicator to replace your locks right away.

If you fancy modern security in your home, then smart locks are the way to go. Smart locks are electromechanical locks that grant entry from an authorised device such as a smartphone to open and close doors. If that’s not your cup of tea, then traditional locks will work just fine. What matters is your locks are in mint condition to offer maximum protection from burglars and criminals.

3. Strengthen doors, windows, and other hardware

Sure, your door and window locks are rock solid, but what if the door itself is flimsy as paper? All it takes is a well-placed kick to the door and before you know it, the burglar is inside your property. Make sure to examine the condition of each door/window in your home and strengthen them if needed. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Reinforce door jambs with a door barricade or a security bar for added protection.
  • Replace screws on the strike plate with ¾ inch long screws. This makes it difficult for burglars to break the door open even with brute force.
  • Use concrete door jambs instead of wooden ones to add strength and durability.

4. Make sure your home has adequate lighting

Outside lighting plays an important role in burglar-proofing your home. Properties with minimal lighting are easy targets for thieves since they are less likely to be seen when attempting a break-in. For that reason, you want to make sure that all entry/exit points are well-lit. This acts as a deterrent to discourage burglars of forcing entry inside your home.
Make sure your home has adequate lighting
if you want additional security, you can install motion-sensing lights that activate when a person passes by. These lights detect heat waves from moving objects and will shut off automatically if no movement is detected. Motion sensing lights are great for less conspicuous areas of your home, ensuring that your property is well-lit from every angle.

5. Keep your valuables out of plain view

It’s wise to keep your valuables out of plain view to avoid attracting unwanted attention. This means locking up your tools, bike, or motorcycle in the garage and using window blinds to prevent people outside from peeping in your home. Similarly, put away valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and other important documents when not in use.

We recommend hiding your valuables in a safe that’s only accessible to you. This safe must also be hidden in an area that’s difficult to discover. That way, these items are protected in the event of a break-in. The less attention you draw, the less likely you’ll be targeted by burglars and criminals.

It’s all about implementing value-based measures that will help reinforce your home security. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to burglar-proof your home with little to no cost. Remember to go back to the basics and strengthen these areas for better protection against burglars and criminals.