For the majority of people, snowfall is a dream. After all, most of them have only seen snow in the movies where all we see is its glitter and shine. Childrenmake snowmen, and couples have romantic walks. Overall, it seems like a magical fairy tale that is too good to be true.

However, what movies don’t show is the heavy sludge that starts to form on properties and roads, the near-death driving accidents due to slipping offs, and frequent blizzards that can isolate you in your house.

So if you are planning to move to a hilly area where it snows a lot, planning to make snowmenisn’t all you should do. Here is a list of some very important steps you need to follow before the snow starts to pile on.

1. Check your heating systems

If you are planning on renting or buying a house in the area, checking the heating systems, there should be your topmost priority. It is because owners usually don’t bother with maintenance when nobody is renting the house.

Even if the heating system was fine when you rented the house, you should do a maintenance check once again before the snow starts to fall. You wouldn’t want the boiler to collapse in the middle of a snowstorm.

2. Start stocking supplies

People living in snowy areas start to reserve on tinned foods, fuel, and warm clothes way before winter starts to arrive. This way, you can buy supplies before the good ones are lifted off, that too at a very reasonable price. These precautions are made for sudden snowstorms, in case you are holed up in your house for days. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about starvation if the storm lasts longer then expected.

3. Clear the snow

Governments in these areas usually take responsibility to remove snow off the roads. However, snow piled up in the driveways is the duty of the residents. And if you get a headache at the thought of hours of shovelling everyday, you can make a smart purchase and buy an that is effortless to use. No more dreading piles of snow in the driveway anymore!

4. Pay attention to weather reports

Weather reports usually warn you way ahead of time in case a snowstorm, or a dangerous blizzard is approaching. This way, you will have a head start to prepare in case you need to stay indoors for quite a long time. Those supplies you saved will help you too.

5. Walk, drive, and sled carefully:

Avoid walking on thin precarious ice and lakes. They can easily crack under your weight.
When driving, steer clear of heavily snowed roads, avoid sudden panic brakes, and learn to manage light skids. Sled only on authorized areas with fallen snow and clear ground to evade accidents.

So the next time you decide on a long winter vacation, keep these steps in mind to adapt to snowy areas, and enjoy your stay without worrying about safety.