Deciding to do a home extension is an exciting opportunity to redesign your home in a way that works better for you. It can be for practical reasons or simply to make the most of the space you have. You may even want to extend your home to create a business space.

But, before you start there are 5 essential steps you should be taking.

The Cost

The most important first step is to decide how much an extension is going to cost and whether you can afford it. Or, if you don’t have the funds, where you will get the necessary finance from.

You’re not looking to get an exact cost but you do need to understand an approximate value and then add at least 10% on.

Again, keep in mind the costs might vary depending on the companies you work with. One of the easy ways to get a good idea of the current extension prices is to check out detailed breakdowns for the specific country you live in. A great resource for the UK can be found here:

The best way to do this is to speak to architects and builders. Tell them roughly how big you want the extension and that you just want an approximate figure. They can quote for the job later.
With this in mind, you’ll be able to approach your mortgage company or bank to secure the necessary funds.

Designing The Extension

You’re now ready to design your extension project! It’s time to think about the aesthetic look of the extension. Do you need a flat roof or a pitched roof to best fit with the rest of the house? You also need to consider the aim of the extension. Knowing what you intend to use it for will help you to identify the size, shape, and what needs to be built inside. An extension can exist of multiple rooms!

You’ll find it helpful to use an architect when designing the extension. They’ll have lots of tips that can help you and they’ll be able to create scale drawings that will be useful in the next step.

Planning Permission

The next step is to contact your local planning department to find out what they need. Almost all extensions will need planning permission. The earlier you get your application in the better.
Listen to what they need and supply everything, it will make the process go smoother and faster.

Finding A Builder

With finance, a design, and planning permission in place you’re ready to start building.

You’ll want to use a reputable construction company Sydney. But, even if you already have a preferred builder in mind it’s worth getting several quotes in.

Each builder will have their own opinion regarding the best way of achieving your goal. You may pick up some useful tips in this process.

Get at least three quotes and compare them. They should all be based on the same criteria and be around the same price. If there’s a big difference you’ll want to know why.

Assuming the prices are similar you’ll want to choose the builder that you are most comfortable with. This will make it easier to talk to them about your extension while it is being done.


The final step is often the most fun. It’s normal for the builders to leave everything ready for decoration. You can then paint the walls the colors you want and add all the finishing touches, turning the extension into an extra part of your home.