For many people the garage is a dusty attachment to the house where things are stored, in rare cases, the car may even be parked in it. Although, if you’re honest, it’s generally too much hassle to keep parking the car in the garage.

But, the thing that most people overlook is that this is a sizeable space that can be remodeled into something much more useful for you and your family. If you’re not using the garage then consider adding a double carport to your home. It’s a much more practical way to protect your vehicle and you from the elements, leaving your garage free for one of these remodeling ideas.


If you love tinkering with vehicles or other projects then the garage could become the perfect workspace for you. You’ll need to clear it and dryline it, it’s better to be comfortable and warm in it. Then, consider what hobby you like doing before you fit the necessary benches, seating area, and other equipment.

The concrete floor and the garage door can be left, you won’t even have to worry about planning permission if you adopt this approach!

Play Room

If you don’t have enough room in your home for everyone, especially if you have growing children, then the garage can be the perfect answer. You may want to replace the door with a wall and windows combination, creating access from your home.

You can then renovate the space to give it new electrics, walls, lights, etc. Add some comfortable seats, a game console, perhaps even a pool table. Your children will have the perfect space to entertain their friends, without disturbing you.

Of course, you can always add a bar and make it your special space!

Additional Bedroom

Whether you have growing children, more children on the way, or constant visitors, an extra bedroom can be useful.

This is another relatively simple conversion. The process is the same as if you’re converting it into a playroom for the children. The difference is in what you put in the old garage.

Adding flooring and covering the walls is simple, you can even add an en-suite toilet/shower if you have enough space. It may end up better than your bedroom!


If your existing garage is large enough you can consider converting it into an annex. This is great if you have aging parents or you can rent the space out and make a little extra money every month.

If your garage isn’t big enough to create a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom, you can extend.

Assuming you have enough room in front or behind the garage you can ask for permission to enlarge it and create a separate accommodation for whatever you want.


If you’re someone that has always wanted to get fitter but never have time to get to the gym then the garage could be the perfect solution. It needs very little to make it a great gym. Just make sure you put down a quality gym floor to save the real floor if you drop your weights.