Did you know that there are over 60,000 different species of trees out there? Each type of tree has its own quirks and ways it should be cared for. Tree arborists learn about many different types of trees and how to care for each one specifically. Trees are a beautiful part of nature, and for someone who loves the outdoors, they are fascinating. They bring life to the Earth in many ways, and without arborists, they would struggle. There are many good reasons to become a qualified arborist. If you’re considering diving into the world of trees and tree care, keep reading!

Here are five great reasons to become a qualified arborist:

1. Keeps You Fit

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t for everyone, and it can really take a toll on your body. For some with medical conditions, a more sedentary job is ideal. However, most people need to be more mobile throughout the day. It’s hard to keep fit when you don’t move around much for eight hours of the day. Qualified tree arborists get paid and get fit at the same time! They gain muscles from climbing the trees, lifting the heavy equipment, and using the equipment to cut and prune trees. Because of this, they are rarely sedentary and stay in great physical shape.

Therefore, instead of going to the office for eight hours a day and then hitting the gym, why not just knock both out in one work day? Sounds awesome, right?

2. Outdoors and in Nature

If you currently work in an office like many people do, there have probably been days when you would stare out the window and dream of being able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. As an arborist, you’d be able to be outdoors and in nature while you work. Most of the time, work for arborists slows down during the winter months, and it’s really busy through the summer. Therefore, you’d be able to work a lot more in the summer months when it’s nicer out! That’s not to say that there is no work during winter! Many arborists prefer to remove trees and prune during the dormant season because it’s less impact on the area surrounding the tree. However, work usually triples during the summer months because that’s when people want their trees cared for. If you love being outside and surrounded by nature, becoming a qualified tree arborist might be the best path for you!

3. Can Work for Yourself

As long as you’re a qualified arborist with all the right equipment, you can work for yourself! This is a perk many arborists enjoy. Trees are everywhere! If traveling abroad has always been a dream of yours, this job can allow just that. Arborists are in high demand anywhere you go, so it’s possible to relocate or travel somewhere else to work. Whether you want to work solo or hire employees and start your own little business, working as a qualified arborist will give you just that!

4. Intellectually Stimulating

The health of your body isn’t the only important factor to consider while you work. If you’re working in an environment that doesn’t encourage creativity, problem-solving, or critical thinking, this can be bad for your mental health. You want to be intellectually stimulated while you work. Not only will this improve your work performance, but it will improve your everyday life. Arborists have to learn all about tree theory. They learn about different tree species and how they grow and thrive. Not only that, but they have to learn the different ways to assess a tree and determine how to proceed when the tree is in need of care. There’s a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving involved in the everyday life of an arborist, which stimulates the brain and encourages productivity.

Arborists rarely have monotonous days. Every day is different, and for some people, this makes work exciting and fun. Doing the same thing everyday at work can make you hate what you’re doing. If you have to work, you might as well enjoy what you do! Arborists can have fun in the sun and improve their mental health at the same time.

5. Much Healthier Than a Desk Job

Have you ever wondered why your body hurts after a day at the office? Sitting at a desk all day does all kinds of damage to your body. Your posture, for example, is impacted poorly by sitting all day. If you’re like many other people, you probably slouch at your desk without even realising it. It’s an easy thing to do, and it can cause you a lot of pain in the long run. Your eyes can also be impacted at a desk job. Staring at a computer screen all day is horrible for your eyes because the blue light can cause eye strain and make it hard to focus.

With a job as an arborist, you can avoid all the negative aspects of regular office jobs, and gain some positives. There are numerous studies on how bad sitting eight hours a day has on your mental and physical health, and why more engaging jobs, such as being an arborist, are much better for you overall.

We all want to live happy, fulfilled lives. Sometimes that means going to the office five days a week. For many others, engaging in the benefits of working outdoors is the best way to live. Arborists will say they enjoy their work environment more than anything. As an arborist, you’ll see physical benefits, such as becoming more fit and having better posture, as well as mental benefits, such as finding it easier to focus and being happier overall. Getting enough exercise and stimulating your brain are two of the main aspects that lead to happier lives, and becoming an arborist can offer just that. So, if you’re someone who enjoys nature and living life to the fullest, quit that boring office job and get started becoming a qualified arborist! What’s the worst that could happen?