Everyone knows the feeling: your living room has been the same for a while now and it just doesn’t seem quite as nice as it could be. Maybe the furniture is annoying you or the pictures aren’t your favorite ones anymore. Whatever it is that’s making you want to change your living room around, below are some excellent ideas that could make your rearranged living room absolutely to die for.

Re-Paint Your Walls

How long has it been since you last painted your walls? Probably years, right? There are very few things that can take a nice, beautiful room and make it look drab and depressing quite as quickly as bad color on your walls. In fact, the color that you choose for your walls can even affect your mood, so it’s important to make sure that you’re taking care of the colors around you.

You could even add a twist to your new colors by adding some polished metals, like copper or steel, to add a shine to your room. This can really liven up a room if you place your metal carefully to catch the natural light from windows, as the end result is an almost otherworldly glimmer.

Change Out Your Furniture

Nothing makes a room feel fresher than a change in furniture. There’s something about a fresh sofa or a different table that seems to transform a space and make it feel like something new. If you’re wanting new furniture, a good place to look is Nativa Interiors for their wide selection of high-quality furnishings. 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling ambitious and are looking for a new project, then it is always fun to plan out and build your own furniture. If you’re new to this kind of project, it’s likely better for you to stick to something simple, but even simple handmade furniture can really add something to a room. Whether it’s a desk designed exactly to fit the dimensions and purposes you want, or a shelf intended specifically to display your favorite collectibles, you can always be sure that something you design yourself will fit in the way you want it. Although, you should be aware that it might take you a while to get comfortable, and competent, with the process of designing and building your own furniture.

Warm Up the Space

The last thing you want is for your living room to feel like a cold space, especially in winter months when you’re desperate for a bit of cozy heat from your home. There are a few ways to warm up your rooms, but the best, if you have hardwood floors in particular, is to simply add a nice thick rug to your room. These can help to keep your feet warm, which will help to heat you up, and can really tie the design of a room together as well, especially if you pick a rug that accentuates the color moods that you chose for your living room.