When people are making improvements to their home, they will often spend so much time improving the interior that they neglect the exterior. This is understandable as you spend so much time inside the house and there are so many home improvement options, but you should not neglect the exterior of the home. The exterior can become worn over time, it can bring down the curb appeal (and value) and could also be impacting your life inside too. There are a number of smart home exterior upgrades that are worth considering that could make a big difference to both your home and life. 

Facade Upgrade

A good starting point is the actual facade of your home, which can become worn over time. A home exterior that looks worn, dated, and worse for wear can reduce the curb appeal and could impact how you feel when you arrive home. Power washing the exterior, repointing, painting and/or siding replacements can take years off of the home and make it much more appealing while also adding value.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is a great home exterior upgrade that can bring both convenience and security. By being able to see and speak to those at your front door no matter where you are, it means that you do not have to answer the door and can also help you to keep an eye on your home’s front garden. 

Anti-Loitering Alarm

Many homeowners have an issue with groups of people hanging out in front of their house and causing a nuisance. Noise, antisocial behavior and intimidation can all have an impact on your wellbeing at home, which is why it is worth updating the exterior with an anti-loitering alarm from Mosquito Loitering Solutions. These devices are remote and timer-controlled and will emit a high-frequency alarm to (safely) disperse those that are hanging around your property and causing concern.

Refresh The Front Door

The front door is what people’s eyes will naturally be drawn to when they look at your home, so this is how you make your first impression. Refreshing the front door can change how you feel about your home while improving the curb appeal, plus there are lots of ways to do this including a new paint job, new front door furniture and stained glass inserts.

New Windows & Shutters

Old, damaged windows can do more than just bring down the home’s aesthetic. New windows can freshen up the exterior, insulate the home and shut outside noise out amongst other benefits. New shutters are also worthwhile as a way to increase privacy inside the home and as a way to keep heat in and cold air out during the winter months.

These are just a few exterior upgrades that you can make that could have a big impact on both your home and life. Homeowners often neglect the home exterior, and this can impact how you feel about your home, the life that you lead inside and bring down the curb appeal, so it is an area that requires attention.