Wood furniture is known for its durability, timelessness, versatility, and variety. There are many different types of wood that are often used to create wood furniture, and all come with their own unique set of advantages and standout qualities. 

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all wood furniture because there are so many different types of wood, stains, and finishes to choose from. The best type of wood furniture for you will depend on your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. That is why before making any wooden furniture, it is needed to do milling lumber, which will help in making any furniture out of it.

Get educated about wood furniture today. After all, with all of the different types of wood furniture out there, identifying the right type of wood for you can help you narrow down your selection and streamline your process. 

Learn about the different types of wood furniture and what each can bring to your home. 

Hard Wood vs. Soft Wood

While there are many different types of wood furniture, all types of wood can be categorized as either hard wood or soft wood. Hard versus soft wood is defined by its makeup, structure, and basic composition. 

While hardwood comes from angiosperm trees that are broad-leaved, softwood comes from gymnosperm trees that typically have needles and cones. Hardwood is denser, and software is less dense.

Hardwood is also often pricier and a slower-growing option than softwood. Some of the most popular hardwood benchtop materials include oak, maple, and cherry. These woods are not only beautiful, but they’re also very durable. Many homeowners choose hardwood laminate benchtops because they’re easy to care for and they resist staining and scratches. Hardwood laminate benchtops are a great choice for busy


Maple is a softwood known for its re-brown colouring, straight grain, and durability. This is a classic wood that is often used for wood furniture due to the fact that maple furniture is naturally non-toxic, wears well, and is available in various grain patterns. It is also a more affordable option, as it is less expensive than walnut, cherry, and oak wood furniture.

There is a wide variety of maple woods, but rock maple and sugar maple are the most commonly used due to their durability. Maple is most commonly used for furniture, dining tables, and other pieces that require the ability to hold substantial weight.


Mahogony may be one of the lighter woods, but it is also one of the strongest, making it ideal for furniture manufacturing. It is a traditional wood that has become rarer and, as a result, more expensive over time. 

Cherry Wood

One of the most defining characteristics of cherry wood is that its color darkens and becomes richer with time. Cherry is an ideal hardwood for wood furniture because it is non-toxic, durable, and boasts a grain that’s even in comparison to other types.  


Oak is a widely used wood for furniture as it is easily accessible due to the 200+ species of oak trees out there. It is often used for kitchen furniture and general flooring due to its notable durability. Its strength and resistance make it ideal for furniture. Oak is available in red and white, with red oak being the slightly cheaper option. 


Cedar wood is a softwood that is not typically used for interior furniture but is preferred for outdoor furniture since it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It also acts as somewhat of a bug repellant due to its aroma. 

Pine Wood

Pine wood is the least expensive but also the least desirable wood for furniture since it is particularly soft and gets damaged easily. That said, pine wood features “knots,” which provide a unique aesthetic appeal.