The irksome pest Invasion

Name it a rodent attack messing the kitchen, or vermin spoiling the garden, or a termite colony corroding wooden structures. ; Pest infestation is a nightmare to a house owner living with many vigor dreams. The vile feeling when you spot an ant colony marching in your kitchen or the rattling sounds of mice in your stockroom would hike your stress aided by sleepless nights.

Grievously, there is no permanent solution to keep your home safe forever from pests, as they might show up in the mere future. Here are some essential DIY tips and tricks that would help you keep pests out of reach from your home.

Cover up holes and leaks: The basics of pest control

Cover up holes and leaks The basics of pest control
A water leak in your ceiling is going to keep the wooden structures wet, making it prone to termite attack. Holes in your basement, on the other hand, creates a portal for ants, insects, and mites to make their way inside.

Hence, always ensure your pipelines are sealed and in excellent working state. Apply borate mixed paints to keep termites away from wood. Caulking of visible holes and ant trails helps you to send back the unsought visitors.

Drain standing water pooled around you

Standing water is a welcome board for bugs to get nestled around, mosquitoes, and fleas to breed. Rooftops and objects like old tires, boxes, and pit holes in the garden are going to be the main culprit to hold back rainwater without your insights. So, always drain them off after a heavy monsoon shower. Never let the bugs settle.

Seal your food tight for the rodents and ant fight

Your kitchen is where a rat gang would easily make a backdoor entry and spoil your food. Surveying a rat attack also puts a question of quality and hygiene of the food items in stock.

Ants are other unvisited visitors to your kitchen. Any crumbs and remains of food in your kitchen counter would quickly attract a colony of the tiniest pests.
It is our recommendation to keep all edibles in a tight container, dispose of food wastes in a jiffy and always keep your kitchen dry and tidy.

Prevent your home and garden from vermin

Prevent your home and garden from vermin

  • Categorize the nature of bug attacks on your plants before using a pesticide or repellent.
  • Fence your garden and set traps. Mesh type fences are available ready in the market and are easy to install in your garden. You can also set traps to catch wild rodents.
  • Cats and dogs can be extremely handy to catch voles and to chase away rabbits.
  • Clean up common nesting places like a bush, tall grass in your garden, and holes in your side ceilings and storerooms of your house frequently.

Get outdoors and find the expert for the best home maintenance

Situations may worsen in time that there is an extensive attack of wild animals or bugs in your house. Now, this is where you need an expert pest controller or an ant exterminator. The expert would visit your home and explores the symptoms of pest infestation.

They would spray repulsive pesticides to eradicate a possible bug invasion. You can also seek their tutorials on preventive measures to keep you out of this buggy headache.