When you have an entire household to clean, i.e., from the oven to the bedroom floor, it seems easier to give up than touching any of it. It is better to let the dust and grime settle until you can’t take it anymore and then go on a cleaning spree.  Before we get to our tips, did you know that you can find the best helpers and cleaners haushaltshilfe deutschland over at Helpling?

What if you knew some hacks to make the cleaning easy and fast in the long run, though? How about we take a look at just five hacks that can make your life a bit easier?

1 . Sanitizing The Garbage Disposal

Once enough stinky foods and other things start collecting in your garbage disposal, the odor can be overpowering enough to make staying in the kitchen for more than 5 minutes unbearable.

However, we can’t recall many people that have anything against the smell of fresh lemon. The simple thing would be to add a few droplets of lemon juice beforehand inside the garbage disposal.

If you still see it start to smell after some time, add some more lemon juice after more garbage gets collected. The best thing about lemon juice isn’t that it only takes care of the pungent smell, but in the long run, you will also have an easier time cleaning the disposal because of it.

2. Oven Racks

Your oven racks end up collecting a disgusting amount of grease and crusty messes. It is one of those tasks that seem impossible, and it doesn’t feel right to dip your hands in that gunk and try to get every corner of the oven rack. Thankfully, there is an easy hack for it that is so effective. You might find it hard to believe.

Here’s the secret: You can use dryer sheets to clean the oven racks.

Yes, it works. We aren’t lying.

3. Vent Cleaning

We all know we can use Turtle Wax to clean our car. Did you know that is not the only place you can use it? It is an effective solution for getting rid of the dirt and debris stuck inside the vents in your house. You just have to apply the tiniest amount, and before you know it, you have effectively dealt with the dust.

4. Shower Door cleaning

If you can get this right, it is like having at least 50 percent of the heavy work in your house dealt with. It is more of a daily thing you need to keep up, but if you do it while you are showering, it shouldn’t take much time.

You will need a scrub brush and your favorite homemade cleaning solution somewhere you can reach while in the shower. As you are showering, take the brush and scrub the stall walls and the shower door to get rid of the water spots, soap scum, and any other kind of junk that has accumulated on the shower door.

5. Computer Cleaning

It’s time to do away with ethyl, ammonia, ethyl acids, and all the other chemicals you have been taught that would be suitable for cleaning your laptop. The only thing you need to clean your keyboard and the laptop screen would be white vinegar and microfiber cloth.

For the nook and crannies of your computer, all you need to do is soak a  cotton swab in white vinegar and reach those areas.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! These are the five easy hacks you can employ to make cleaning your household items easier in the long run. When you take care of the small tasks, it becomes easier to deal with the bigger task.