Have you ever found something wrong with your roof and decided to ignore it until you had more money lying around? I know it’s hard to pay for repairs when you’re struggling but it’s more important than you think.

If you leave a roof too long things could get much worse. You probably don’t know how serious it could get by waiting a few months. Let’s look at some big issues you could be facing if you ignore roof problems.

Light Is Getting Inside

Custom Contracting, a company specializing in commercial and residential roof repair, installation and maintenance in Hamilton says you need to be careful when you can see light coming into your attic because something is wrong.

There must be a hole big enough for animals to sneak inside and have babies. So much water will be able to get inside your attic will look like a swimming pool. Hopefully, you check your attic regularly for beams of light.

Loose Shingle Granules

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof they might look nice from the ground but could be offering less protection than you think. Shingles will lose effectiveness when all the granules run into the gutters.

It’s easy to spot this yourself if you use ladders to look in the gutters. Just make sure you have someone holding the ladders while you climb up. If the gutters are full of granules mold and mildew might strike.

A Visible Water Stain

When Custom Contracting is carrying out commercial and residential roof repair, installation and maintenance in Burlington they say visible water stains can come from problems you wouldn’t be able to see with your eyes.

Water doesn’t just get inside when shingles are missing. It could sneak in behind some loose flashing that’s almost invisible. Small stains must be dealt with because they eventually become massive.

Expensive Energy Bills

You might think you’re saving money waiting to get missing shingles replaced, but what if it’s costing you money? A roof needs good insulation and air leakage should be kept to a minimum or your energy bills will go up.

When your roof doesn’t keep the heat inside it costs more to warm your home up. If too much hot air can get inside it costs more to cool it down. Watch your energy bills start to drop as soon as your roof is repaired.

Gutters Will Collapse

When tiles and leaves fall off your roof they don’t always drop to the ground. In most cases, your gutters are going to catch them. Once everything builds up it’s going to be almost impossible for water to get away.

In summer, the rain will fall over your gutters and it might stain your outside walls, but in winter it’s much worse. If everything freezes the gutters will get so heavy they collapse and drop to the ground.

Make Sure You Don’t Wait Too Long

You should ask someone to look at your roof at the very least. It might be a lot easier than you think to repair small problems that will only grow bigger each month.