Plank wood flooring is easily available everywhere in a variety of colors and sizes. It is hard to believe, but this kind of flooring was trending during the 17th century, and people still love to have plank wood flooring because of the cozy, stylish, and creative vibes it provides. However, unlike other types of flooring, wooden flooring should be avoided in damp places because moisture can damage it very easily. Besides this, you shouldn’t opt for plank wood flooring in places where there istermite infestation. 

Below are some of the reasons that make plank wood flooring different from the other available flooring options. 

Easy Maintenance

This kind of flooring is very easy to maintain. No need for vacuuming; a mop would be more than enough. One of the most important reasons plank wood flooring is different and better is its low maintenance cost. 

Improves the Interior

Apart from being quite appealing, this kind of flooring brightens up the entire room and gives a fresh and natural feel, improvising the aesthetic value of your home or office. Install wooden flooring and see how it would enhance your interior. 

Easy Installation

The installation process is also very quick and easy as compared to the others. You can even install it yourself by following the instructions. You will find many videos, blogs, and articles that guide you with the installation process step by step. This is another great reason and suggests that having wooden plank flooring is worth it. It is truly a DIY kind of thing that you would love to do. Some people even install wooden plank flooring in the kitchen and washrooms if they care for and avoid water spillage. 


The wooden plank flooring also tends to be more durable and denser than the other ones. So if any part of the flooring gets damaged for any reason, you don’t have to get the whole flooring removed or repaired. Instead, you can easily get rid of the damaged plank and install a new one because all the colors and sizes of planks are easily available everywhere.  According to some professionals, if you take proper care of the wooden flooring, it will last for more than 20 years. 

If you are willing to install plank wood flooring, you will also have to take care of the surface level. Leveling should be done properly because if you install the flooring on a rough surface, you will always find the planks up and down, floating, and hearing an annoying sound every time you walk on it. Also, remember the cost of the wooden plank flooring depends a lot on the size of the planks. If you choose narrow planks, the cost would be less, but the price will increase accordingly if you like wider planks. This happens because the planks that are wider are usually made up of trees that are quite old, and as we say, “old is gold,” so they are more valuable comparatively.