Water heaters are included in the list of basic amenities needed for day to day life! Especially, in the areas were the climate is chilling, and it snows most of the time! That is the reason installation and checking up hot water system is done thoroughly when buying a new place.

Even though we have installed some good quality electric heater or gas water heater, they are bound to show problems some day. However, in most cases the damage does not happen in a day. Often, these machines show some signs of wear and tear. These, if ignored, can lead to major disaster and extreme danger for everyone.

Ø Important signs of hot water systems breaking down that shouldn’t be ignored at all!

Important signs of hot water systems breaking down that shouldn’t be ignored at all!
A hot water system often screams out for maintenance and repair! If you do avoid such issues for long, you may have to pay for it with all your property or even with your life. So, when the hot water system starts to show signs of damage, connect with people who are experts in hot water system repairs in Perth. A. Able Plumbing provides the most effective solution to all your hot water (and plumbing) problems with guaranteed results. They are the fastest ones to tend to your hot water system’s servicing needs, and that too at a reasonable rate. When you see the following signs, the first thing you have to do is call them up immediately:

  1. Lukewarm or cold water — The most common sign that your hot water system gives is less hot water supply. If you see that the water from your shower takes too long to heat or gives out only lukewarm water or not hot at all, there is some issue in your water heating system for sure. This is basically (and mostly) because of the minerals present in the water getting separated during the heating process and settling in the bottom of the hot water tanks. Slowly a residue builds up causing a blockage between the burner and the water. This is when it becomes a stressful task for the burner to heat up the water due to the blockage. And finally, when the stress becomes more, the heating system gives up. This often results in higher power usage (as a stressed heater tends to use more energy to heat up) or a failed water heating system. Better to call for an expert who can flush out the entire system once in a while to get rid of the mineral build up. Or repair it immediately when the system takes longer time to heat up or doesn’t heat well.
  2. Weird noises — If your hot water system starts making roaring or cracking sound when you switch it on, call for a repair agent immediately. There may be some issue in the heating system (boiler) which would be causing the same, or there can be again the build up of minerals in the bottom creating those noises. Also, if by any chance, the hot water heater is left on for a longer time, the air passes inside which creates this noise. Ignoring it may prove dangerous as the system may even burst due to these issues.
  3. Dirty smelly water — If the water coming out from your hot water system is cloudy or slight orangish in colour with a rusty smell in it, you should get it checked. This is a clear sign that the inner parts of your heater are getting worn out and need a repair. These rusted inner components of the heating system are best replaced fully.
  4. Problems in the pressure relief valve — Any problem in the pressure relief valve should be assessed closely. As even a slight mistake to recognise and detect the problem can lead to a dangerous blast. If you see any leakage on the same or the water isn’t following well through it, make sure to call upon experts to check the system. The water may be boiling, but due to some malfunction it is perhaps unable to come out. This can lead to excessive pressure and soon a blast. It’s better to replace the same and then occasionally cleaned by an expert to get rid of the accumulated carbon or debris causing the issue.
    5. Leaking hot water tank — A tank that’s leaking is enough to get you worried! But if it’s full of hot water, you surely would panic! This can happen due to wearing out with time, your tanks may have cracks in them or due to extreme pressure that may sneak some defects in the system. Better call a repair team to replace it entirely.

Your Hot Water System
Hot water system is essential for convenience in life! But the same can be dangerous too! It’s therefore important to assess the situation of faulty hot water systems immediately than bear the huge losses later!