While a house may pass for any building you live in, a home constitutes of the living space where you can rest your mind, and address your daily chores optimally away from all disturbances.

Unlike broader floor spaces, however, dorm rooms are limited in area, thus denying you the freedom of experimenting with various furniture combinations. While this is the case, it does not imply forfeiting your ideas for an ideal dorm room.

This guide offers the best dorm room makeover ideas 2019 that will help to transmogrify your bijou room into a homely compartment. As you immerse yourself in the world of design, consider engaging essays online to keep abreast of your assignments.

Mini office

Mini office
The study space is among the sections you should accord the most primacy in your dorm room essentials. If poorly set, the desk may limit your ability to study or even consume a vast space, thus compromising your interior decor.

When setting your office, ensure that the desk neatly fits in one corner and is fitted with cabinets for storing your study equipment. While at it, ensure that the counter has ample light access, thus allowing you to go about your studies effectively.

Stepping mats

Besides boosting the interior decor, stepping mats are a great way to maximize the comfort of your feet. Stepping mats rank among the top dorm room decorating ideas due to their efficiency in redesigning the floor.

When going about the stepping mats, however, be keen to ensure that they rhyme with your interior decor, thus creating a more compelling design.

Leaning mirror

Owing to the small size of dorm rooms, investing in furniture that serves more than one purpose proves of great benefit. The leaning mirror, for instance, can serve as a mirror and double as a rack for clothes.

As such, it saves the space that would have been consumed by a wardrobe and also deals with the clutter of disorganized clothes.


Among the methods to make your room inviting and neat is by using wallpapers. Before settling on a wallpaper, however, ensure that it brightens your room hence uplifting your moods.

Also, consider using a wallpaper that brings out your personality or a nostalgic item from home to ease your transition into your new dorm.

Lofted bed

Among the best dorm room ideas 2019, lofting your bed ranks top of the list. By doing this, you free up more space, thus enhancing the efficiency of your room. However, ensure that you use appropriate material for lofting to avoid getting in the line of injury.

Vertical space usage

With the significant challenge in dorm rooms being space, figuring how to maximize the available space proves of critical importance. Among the methods of maximizing available space, utilizing vertical space ranks top on the list.

For this, invest in hooks and hangers, thus placing items that would have consumed your floor space on the walls. As such, you create room for other dorm room essentials, thus making your room more spacious.

Multipurpose equipment

Multipurpose equipment
A significant space-efficient approach when buying items for your dorm room is investing in versatile equipment. For instance, consider investing in ottomans that can serve both as stools and concealed storage for clothes and other items.

The key to a quiet time at school is in comfort. By following the dorm room decor tips offered above, you can maximize your comfort and make items easier to retrieve.

Even better, these makeover ideas cost a little amount of money, thus letting you achieve your ideal living space without surpassing your budget.