Do you hate waking up with mosquito bites on your toes, feet, hands, arms, and legs? Then, instead of putting chemical solutions on your skin, or using harsh mosquito sprays, you can follow these tips:

#1: Get Rid of Standing Water

First and foremost, you must remove all the standing water outside and inside your home because mosquitoes lay eggs in that. It is recommended that you empty and clean all the possible items that hold water, such as buckets, pools, planters, tiers, etc. Thoroughly check everything where mosquitoes can lay eggs. Typically, they do that near water, and the mosquito life cycle begins in the spring. For more information, you can visit

Furthermore, it is advised to adequately cover water storage containers (rain barrels, cisterns, water coolers, buckets) with lids.

Immediately, repair gaps/cracks if you have a septic tank.

#2: Fix the Obvious Gaps in Window Screens & Doors

Fix the Obvious Gaps in Window Screens & Doors

Next, you must fix window screens and doors at your home by filling the apparent gaps and spaces. They are the most vulnerable spaces and are primarily responsible for welcoming the bugs and mosquitoes. Most of your mosquito problems can be solved if you happen to patch screens and doors. You don’t have to put the screens for every window, just fix those that you open the most daily. You can gain professional help from the hardware store, or you can use simple patch kits to fix the small tears on screen.

#3: Use Natural Mosquito Solutions

If you believe that mosquito-killing solutions are made of harsh chemicals that can be hazardous for your health in some ways, then use natural indoor mosquito solutions. You can light camper oil inside your home with all the doors and windows closed to keep your rooms free from mosquitoes and bugs. Tulsi is also found beneficial to keep mosquitoes away from your place. It is an Indian herb that you can even apply on your skin to reduce the irritation and itching around the bite area. Moreover, you can use dry ice, garlic, basil leaves, tea tree oil, and coffee grounds as natural mosquito repellents.

#4: Make Use of Thermacell Repellent

Make Use of Thermacell Repellent

Thermacell repellent is a modern-day device that you can use inside and outside your home to keep the black mosquitoes, flies, and bugs away. It releases a repellant with hardly any odor for you, and it is far more effective than traditional high scent sprays. Thermacell includes a patio shield, portable mosquito repellers, and tick control tubes. It is an easy-to-use product to fight mosquitoes.

#5: Set Up an Oscillating Fan

It may sound weird, but mosquitoes cannot do well with the wind. You can set up an oscillation fan when going to bed. It will stop them from flying around your bed. Moreover, when hosting outdoor parties, you can also use a big oscillation fan to deter mosquitoes and house flies. To take a further step, you can out zapping lamps and Thermacell devices along with the oscillation fans to fight mosquitoes outdoors.